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Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) has a threefold mission: to advance pedagogical scholarship and professional development related to teaching, to support full-time and part-time faculty in innovative teaching, and to promote strong learning communities of faculty and students. The CETL serves experienced and new faculty looking to share and receive support in implementing best teaching practices, effective course designs, and strategies for inspiring and engaging today’s students. Faculty will have opportunities to engage in conversations addressing teaching and learning trends meeting the needs of 21st century students, even as the CETL assists faculty with navigating the latest topography of the rapidly shifting pedagogy of higher education. The center also facilitates linking student learning communities and faculty learning communities. In its mission to enhance professional development related to teaching, the CETL amplifies the communication of the institution’s teaching initiatives while supporting faculty in the development and maintenance of their highest teaching standards, even as faculty members cultivate a student’s love for lifelong learning.

  • Dr. Gina R. Denton

    Dr. Ren Denton

    President's Office/Academic Affairs/Humanities,President's Office/Academic Affairs

    Associate Professor

    Academic Affairs - Coordinator of the Center for Teaching and Learnin

    Academic Affairs - QEP Director


    Campus: Statesboro

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