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Auditors (BOR Student Affairs Policy

Students who wish to enroll in regular academic classes, but receive no college credit. Admissions requirements are the same as those expected of regular freshman and transfer students. Auditor applicants must submit an official transcript showing evidence of graduation from an accredited or approved high school or an earned GED. Students may not change from audit to credit status, or from credit to audit status after the last day of late registration for that semester. The auditor may not use any audited course for credit unless he/she repeats the course for credit as a regularly enrolled student. The college will consider the acceptance of auditors only when their enrollment will cause no hardship or inconvenience to the institution or the regularly scheduled students. An auditor may or may not, as he/she wishes, participate in all activities of the course including taking examinations and submitting of papers for evaluation. Regular matriculation fees will be charged for courses which are audited. An application for admission must be filed with the Office of Admissions prior to the opening of the semester for which the auditor plans to enroll. Be aware that financial aid will not pay for audited courses.

Special Admission for Students 62 Years of Age or Older:

Georgia citizens who are 62 years of age or older have the option, as granted by Amendment 23 of the Georgia Constitution, of enrolling in the University without the payment of fees subject to the following conditions:

  • Must be a legal resident of Georgia;
  • Must be 62 years of age or older and present proof of age at the time of registration;
  • Must enroll as a regular student to audit or take courses on a "space available" basis during the final former student registration date; and
  • Must pay for supplies, laboratory or fees as only the tuition will be waived, not the differential.


Such students must meet regular admission requirements as follows:

  • Completed East Georgia State College application for admission.
  • Official high school transcript showing evidence of graduation from an accredited or approved high school or submit an earned GED Score Report (Section of Student Affairs Policy).
  • Official college transcript for each college attended.
  • After registering for class(es), the student must submit a copy of their schedule to the Registrar's Office each semester to implement the waiver for applicants 62 year and older.
  • Must submit required immunizations or exemption request.

An eligible student may petition for the Senior Citizen Fee Waiver by visiting the website below (click on Senior Citizen Waiver), printing the form, and providing the completed petition and documentation to the Office of the Registrar: