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Dual Enrollment Program

Test scores will be required for applicants beginning Spring 2022!
IMPORTANT! Students interested in participating in dual enrollment should speak with their high school guidance counselor before starting the application process.

The Dual Enrollment program is a state-funded program for high school (public, private, and approved home-study) students that provides dual enrollment tuition assistance in Georgia. The program offers the opportunity to earn dual credit, satisfying high school and college Required High School Curriculum. provides opportunities for eligible high school students to enroll at East Georgia State College* and earn both high school and college credit via part-time or full-time enrollment. When satisfactorily completed, such courses will count both toward high school graduation and college credit. Student must remain in good academic standing with a 2.0 GPA or higher to remain eligible for the program. Students can enroll only in courses approved by the high school counselor and those listed in the Course Directory published by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. There is no residency or citizenship requirement to participate in the Dual Enrollment program.

The Dual Enrollment program covers 100% of tuition for approved courses, and waives all mandatory, non-course related fees, and textbooks for approved courses. Students may incur expenses for course-related fees and supplies required for a particular course, or optional fees.

Please be aware that the program does not cover course related fees or outside reading texts. Students taking a science with a lab will be responsible for a science lab fee.  Optional, supplemental or suggested textbooks are not covered by the Dual Enrollment program and are the responsibility of the student.

Eligibility vs Readiness

The initiative and academic rigor that are required in college are very different from those required in high school. Therefore, we encourage parents to consider the maturity level of their students. Check out the graphic here which describes some of the major differences between high school and college.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the dual enrollment program you must:

  1. Attend a dual enrollment participating private, public secondary, or a home study program. Ask your guidance counselor to be sure your school is approved to participate.
  2. Submit qualifying test score.*
    • SAT:
      • The minimum score on the Redesigned exam must be at least a 1050 (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing section score + Math section score). The State of Georgia requires that you also earn at least a 480 on the Evidence-Based Reading & Writing test score and a 440 on the Math test score. Valid old SAT scores are also accepted and converted to Redesigned scores using the converter tool provided by The College Board.
    • ACT:
      • The minimum composite score must be at least 20. The State of Georgia requires you also earn at least a 17 in English or Reading and a 17 in Math.
    • Accuplacer:
      • Minimum scores required (NextGeneration ACCUPLACER): 237 Reading, 258 Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics; 4 WritePlacer. To schedule an appointment to take the ACCUPLACER exam, please visit here.
  3. Have a high school academic unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher (as calculated by the Office of Admissions).

*We can only make a decision based on the highest scores that we receive. Please make sure that scores are up-to-date. If you submit scores and then take the test again, then you may submit the new scores for us to review. We will simply reassess your file and make another decision based on the updated scores. East Georgia will accept current and redesigned SAT scores for admission.

Test Score Requirements
Test Score Required Required for MATH 1111
(prior to March 2016)
Critical Reading – 430
Math – 400
Critical Reading – 430
Math – 400
(March 2016 and after)
Evidence-Based Reading & Writing – 480
Math – 440
Evidence-Based Reading & Writing – 480
Math – 510
ACT English – 17
Math – 17
English – 17
Math – 20
Next-Generation Accuplacer Reading – 237
Writeplacer – 4
Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics – 258
Reading – 237
Writeplacer – 4
Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics – 266
UPDATED Test Score Requirements for Spring 2021-Fall 2021 (COVID-19 response)

Due to COVID-19, ACT and College Board (SAT) have made the decision to suspend all upcoming test dates. As a result, the University System of Georgia and East Georgia State College have suspended test score requirements for Spring 2021 through Fall 2021 for new Dual Enrollment applicants.

  • In absence of test scores, students must have completed or be currently enrolled in 2 English RHSC credits and Math RHSC credits through Algebra 2.
  • If a student is admitted for Spring 2021 through Fall 2021 without test scores and decides to defer until a later semester, the student may be required to submit official test scores before readmitted.
  • Students must still meet all other admissions requirements.

Students not meeting any of the above may be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis and, if admitted, they may not be placed into any English or math course or any course that has English or math as a prerequisite unless they are able to exempt corequisite Learning Support placement in another way.

Institutions may opt to continue to require SAT, ACT, and Accuplacer using established score minimums. In addition, institutions may accept PSAT scores using the same minimums established for the SAT and PreACT scores using the same minimums established for the ACT.  

I'm Accepted, What's Next?

Step 1 : Visit here for information regarding Advisement and Registration. Please note that some college courses may have pre-requisites and you may not be eligible for those courses. 

Step 2 : Log-in and activate your myEGSC account. Click here for instructions on how to obtain your login and password information. 

Step 3 : Attend a virtual Dual Enrollment Orientation.

Step 4 : Take a copy of your official college schedule to your high school counselor prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure that your high school class schedule is appropriately adjusted. This can be printed from your myEGSC account. 

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