Dual Enrolled/Move on When Ready (MOWR) Student

An applicant who is a high school junior or senior may take courses while still in high school and earn both high school and college credit. To participate in the Move On When Ready program (formerly ACCEL/Dual Enrollment), applicants must be enrolled in an accredited public or private secondary high school. MOWR students can take their courses at both the Swainsboro and Statesboro locations.

Homeschooled students may be considered for joint enrollment if they are enrolled in Non-traditional Educational Centers that are recognized by GAPSAC or by state departments of education. Students attending non-accredited home school programs or non-accredited high schools may also be eligible to participate in joint enrollment opportunities if they meet all general admission requirements for dual enrollment and have validated their on-track Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) units according to the policy of the institution to which they are applying. Institutions are encouraged to include information about joint enrollment requirements for students from non-accredited home school programs or non-accredited high schools in their catalog and on their web sites.(BOR Handbook Section 3.2.6)

Dual Enrolled/Accel Student Quick Guide

MOWR Guidelines

To be eligible for MOWR (formerly ACCEL/Dual Enrollment) you must meet the following:

  • Minimum SAT composite score of 970 (minimum 430 - Critical Reading/400 - Math) 
    (SAT Writing and ACT Reading do NOT factor into combined score)
  • Minimum ACT composite of 20 (minimum 17 - English/17-Math)
  • Exempting Compass exam scores (74 - Reading, 60 - Writing, 37 - Math)
    Information for requesting official scores can be found at or
  • Approval from High School guidance counselor and parents/guardians.
  • High School academic GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, excluding electives and weighted grades.
  • Be on track to complete the Required High School Curriculum, as defined by the University System of Georgia:
    • 4 English Credits
    • 4 Math Credits
    • 4 Science credits
    • 3 Social Sciences credits
    • 2 Foreign Language credits (same language)

Any student wanting to participate in the Move On When Ready program should speak with their high school guidance counselor before starting the application process as listed below.

Print-version of the MOWR checklist (PDF).

For additional information regarding MOWR, please see program information and regulations.

Special Note: All grades issued to MOWR students will be recorded as letter grades based on the College’s grading system. College instructors will not issue numerical grades.

Approved ACCEL Courses

MOWR  Supplemental List