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What is Move On When Ready (MOWR)?

Formerly known as the Accel program, the Move On When Ready (MOWR) program provides opportunities for eligible high school students to enroll at East Georgia State College* and earn both high school and college credit via part-time or full-time enrollment. When satisfactorily completed, such courses will count both toward high school graduation and college credit. Student must remain in good academic standing with a 2.0 GPA or higher to remain eligible for the program. Tuition for this program is funded by State revenues. Students can enroll only in courses approved by the high school counselor and those listed in the Course Directory published by the Georgia Student Finance Commission.

The program is offered during all terms of the school year: fall, spring and summer semester and is currently only available at the Swainsboro and Statesboro campus locations.


Tuition is covered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. Through State of Georgia legislation, MOWR students will be provided required course textbooks for each course the student is enrolled in per term at no cost to the student. Students taking courses on campus will have the required textbook(s) for his/her course(s) loaned to him/her from the East Georgia State College Bookstore.

The program does not cover course related fees or outside reading texts. Students taking a science with a lab will be responsible for a $25 science lab fee.

Optional, supplemental or suggested textbooks are not covered by the MOWR program and are the responsibility of the student.

Other materials or software that may accompany a textbook but are not included with the textbook, such as MYMATHLAB, are not covered by the MOWR program and are the responsibility of the student.

What are the Requirements?

  • Attend a MOWR participating school public or private secondary educational institution within the State of Georgia. Ask your guidance counselor to be sure your school is approved to participate.
    o Students attending a participating home school program operated pursuant to §O.C.G.A. 20-2-690 that has been approved by the Georgia Student Finance Commission must meet the required SAT/ACT testing requirement. See USG Policy
  • Eligible SAT, ACT, Compass or Accuplacer test scores
    o SAT: Minimum Critical Reading 430/Math 400, composite of 970 (if taken prior to March 2016)
                 Minimum Reading subscore 24/Math subscore 22 with composite score determined after conversion to OLD SAT (if taken after March 2016)
    o ACT: Minimum English 17/Math 17, composite of 20
    o Compass: Minimum Reading 74/Writing 60/Algebra 37
    o AccuPlacer: Minimum Reading 61/WritePlacer 4/Elementary Algebra 79. If Reading score is 75 or higher, WritePlacer is not required
  • Have a High School academic GPA of 3.0 or higher (as calculated by the Office of Admissions).
  • Obtain approval from high school guidance counselor and parents/guardians
  • Be on track to complete the Required High School Curriculum (RHSC), as defined by the University System of Georgia.

**We can only make a decision based on the highest scores that we receive. Please make sure that scores are up-to-date. If you submit scores and then take the test again, then you may submit the new scores for us to review. We will simply reassess your file and make another decision based on the updated scores.

Students may wish to use the College Board’s New SAT to Old SAT Score Converter to determine if their new SAT scores meet or exceed the equivalent of the 970 minimum on the old SAT.  Once the new SAT scores are converted to the comparable old SAT scores using the converter, students should add together the Critical Reading and Math section scores only (the Writing section score should not be included).

Application Deadlines (Priority)

Fall Semester: July 1
Spring Semester: November 1
Summer Semester: April 1

I'm Eligible, How Can I Become a MOWR Student?

Step 1 : Discuss your plan to apply for Move On When Ready with your parents and high school counselor. Work with your high school counselor to ensure you meet the Move On When Ready requirements (i.e. HOPE, GPA, test scores, etc.) Your high school counselor will assist you in selecting your high school classes and the MOWR coordinator will assist you in selecting your college classes.

Step 2 : Submit an application for admission to East Georgia State College ($20 application fee is waived). Your high counselor will be able to assist you with setting up your GAfutures account. If you wish to speak to an EGSC counselor to get more information before applying, please feel free to stop by any of our office locations (Swainsboro, Statesboro or Augusta), call us at (478) 289-2169 or email us.

Review the Admission Checklist, submit verification of Lawful Presence, and fill out the Immunization Records forms.

Step 3 : Complete the GAfutures MOWR Program Application. Your high counselor will be able to assist you with setting up your GAfutures account. Students attending a home study program or do not have a Social Security number must complete the paper MOWR applicationAs a part of your Move On When Ready application process, your parents must give permission for you to participate in the Move On When Ready program. After completing the Move On When Ready application, you need to meet with your high school counselor to discuss approved courses and submit the MOWR agreement form, which must be completed and submitted prior to the first day of classes at East Georgia State College. Please note this application goes directly to the Georgia Student Finance Commission and NOT East Georgia. 

Step 4 :  Check your admissions status to see when/if you have been accepted to EGSC. Once acceptance has been determined, you will receive an official acceptance letter within 2-4 weeks from decision date. 

Step 5 : Speak with your high school counselor to complete the MOWR agreement form and discuss which courses to enroll in with EGSC. 

For additional information regarding MOWR, please see program information and regulations.

I'm Accepted, What's Next?

Step 1 : Call for an appointment with the MOWR Coordinator. Bring your MOWR agreement form and any missing documentation to the appointment and  the Coordinator will register for your class(es). Please note that some college courses may have pre-requisites and you may not be eligible for those courses.

IMPORTANT: If you make any changes to your course schedule after your Move On When Ready application has been approved, you must complete a new Move On When Ready agreement form and have the new course(s) approved by both your high school counselor and the MOWR coordinator. Students are also not permitted to withdraw from a currently enrolled course without prior approval from their high school counselor verifying if the course will affect their high school graduation requirements. 

Step 2 : Take a copy of your official college schedule to your high school counselor prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure that your high school class schedule is appropriately adjusted

Step 3: Log-in and activate your myEGSC account. Click here for instructions on how to obtain your login and password information. Prior to attending Orientation, you must submit a photo for your student ID online here.

Step 4 : Attend a Move On When Ready Orientation. All first-time EGSC Move On When Ready students are required to attend Orientation as it provides students and their families with a more informed understanding of resources, policies, and new student expectations. Key elements of the program include a sequence of informational sessions for students and parents, training on myEGSC and its applications. Since students have the ability to take their MOWR classes at their high school or at either the Swainsboro or Statesboro campus, we strongly encourage students to attend the Orientation session most convenient for them. Orientation registration is required and the registration link will be emailed to students that will include the date, time, and location. Parents are also highly encouraged to attend. Both students and parents will be given information about the Move On When Ready program and East Georgia State College.

Every term of enrollment as an Move On When Ready student, you must:

  • Complete an online Move On When Ready application. This is required prior to each term you want to take classes, not just prior to your first term.
  • See your high school counselor
  • See the MOWR Coordinator

MOWR students contact:

Brandy Murphy, MOWR coordinator

  • Brandy Murphy

    Brandy Murphy

    Academic Affairs - Coordinator of MOWR

    Phone: 478-289-2022


    Campus: Swainsboro

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