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Homeschool Student/Non-Accredited High School Student

Homeschool Student/Non-Accredited High School Student (BOR Student Affairs Policy

A student who completed high school graduation requirements under a home school program or graduated from a non-accredited high school or a student that has completed the equivalent of each of the Required High School Curriculum areas as documented by a portfolio of work and/or other evidence that substantiates Required High School Curriculum completion may be considered for admission.

Home school applicants, regardless of age, must meet freshman requirements outlined in Policy of the BOR Student Affairs Policy Manual:

Admissions Checklist:

  1. Apply online
  2. Pay the non-refundable $20 application fee online or submit an acceptable waiver. 
    We accept official application fee waivers from College Board, ACT, and NACAC
  3. Home School Portfolio 
    Homeschool applicants must submit a portfolio along with supporting documentation. The portfolio and documentation must substantiate completion of all Required High School Curriculum units. Failure to submit adequate supporting documentation will delay the processing of the application. Official transcripts from any regionally accredited homeschool program or conventional public or private high schools attended should be submitted if applicable.
  4. Letter of Completion from the primary teacher or program administrator certifying successful completion of high school and date of high school graduation
  5. ​Provide Verification of Lawful Presence in the United States.
    Applicants must provide evidence of lawful presence in the United States to qualify for in-state tuition classification. *Students who are International or are considered undocumented must submit a Lawful Presence Opt-Out form verifying that they understand they will be charged out of state tuition.
  6. Submit valid SAT/ACT scores or take the Accuplacer
    Applicants are asked to submit any and all test scores they may have in order to determine placement in Learning Support courses, however scores are not required for admissibility. Placement or exemption in Learning Support courses are based on the highest test scores that we receive and must be in the same test (Accuplacer, SAT, or ACT) to be "super scored". (SAT Code - 5200, ACT Code - 0799) 
  7. Provide proof of current Immunizations.
    Students who affirm that these immunization requirements conflict with their religious beliefs may request an exemption using the immunization form. Students with religious exemptions are subject to exclusion from campus in the event of an outbreak of a disease for which immunization is required. Students who are enrolled in fully online distance learning programs may also request an exemption from immunization requirements as long as they only enroll in fully online courses.
  8. Request transcripts from previous colleges/technical institutions.
    If you were previously Dual Enrolled while enrolled in high school, you must also submit transcripts from any and ALL previous colleges/technical institutions.
  9. Check your status online.
    This status will reflect whatever we have in our records at that exact moment. You will be aware of our admissions decision as soon as it is made without having to wait for an admissions letter.

Additional Information

Applicants who have not completed high school requirements or do not meet the testing requirement are required to submit official GED, HiSET or TASC passing scores.

Home school applicants who receive a GED are ineligible for retro HOPE after completing 30 hours of college coursework. 

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