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Non-Degree Seeking Student

Non-Degree Seeking Student (BOR Student Affairs Policy

The Director of Admissions may, under special circumstances, allow students to enroll as non-degree seeking students when they are taking courses to pursue some special interest or for self-enrichment and do not wish to work toward a degree. The following minimum admission requirements will be applied to non-degree admission students. Additional admission requirements may be required:

  • Must submit a completed East Georgia State College application for admission.
  • Submit an official transcript showing evidence of graduation from an accredited or approved high school or have earned a GED.
  • The College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) requirements and SAT/ACT test scores are not applicable.
  • All applicants in this category may be required to take the placement exam unless previously exited at a prior college. A transcript from the prior college is required.
  • Students who will take a course which has a Learning Support prerequisite in an area (or areas), all Learning Support requirements in that area (or areas) must be met.
  • Students enrolled in this program are limited to twelve (12) semester hours of coursework. Students may not enter degree programs until regular admission requirements for this institution have been satisfied.
  • Must submit the required immunizations and EGSC medical entrance form.