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  • Beginning mid-Fall 2016, the Compass Entrance Test will be replaced with the AccuPlacer Entrance Test, per USG recommendation. Test resources and more information will be available on the website once the test is implemented. Compass Placement Test scores will continue to be honored until 12/31/16. Scores may not be combined from the Compass and AccuPlacer test.

  • Any student taking the AccuPlacer Exam must take the following sections: Reading Comprehension, WritePlacer, and Elementary Algebra before a decision can be made.

  • Any student taking the NEW SAT must submit an official test score report with all six test scores, click here for instructions. These are needed to be able to convert your scores to the old SAT.  To see where your test score would convert to, please view the concordance tables for NEW SAT to OLD SAT can be here.

Remote Testing

Do you live outside of the Swainsboro area? Students who are unable to test at either the Swainsboro, Statesboro or Augusta offices are able to take the exam at a COMPASS Remote Testing Site of their choosing at an institution closest to them. With the Remote Testing Option, you can quickly and conveniently arrange to have your COMPASS exam administered from accredited COMPASS testing centers across the country.

Please be aware that each institution charges a fee for this service which the student will be responsible for. Results will be downloaded the following day after testing has been completed. If you would like to set up a remote test other than at EGSC, please find a location at the link above and fill out the COMPASS remote request form.

What is the Compass Exam?

The College Placement Exam, COMPASS, is a computer-adaptive placement exam that tests reading, writing, and math skills. All new students to East Georgia State are required to take the COMPASS placement exam in order to determine specific requirements for remediation in Reading, English, and Mathematics in addition to admissibility. Please see exempting testing information listed below.

The COMPASS exam is offered to students at the Swainsboro location Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, no appointment necessary. Testing is also available at our Statesboro and Augusta locations, by appointment only.

If you are a student that needs accommodations for the COMPASS Exam you will need to coordinate these accommodations with the Counseling and Disability Services Office at (478) 289-2039.

We can accept equivalent COMPASS scores from any USG, COC-accredited, and non-COC-accredited TCSG institutions; however we are unable to accept the Pre-Algebra section as it not an equivalent to the Algebra Section. Any student that has tested at an institution other than East Georgia State College will need to have those scores forwarded to the Admissions office.

Students who wish to take the Compass for another institution or for POST-certification will be required to pay a $25 fee and will be tested on an as-available basis.

Measure or Score Recommended Maximum “Age”
SAT/ACT 7 years from date of administration
HSGPA 5 years from date of graduation
COMPASS 1 year from date of administration
AccuPlacer 1 year from date of administration



Exemption Information

All new incoming freshmen are required to take the exam, unless they can exempt by meeting the ACT/SAT minimum test requirements and the completion of the 4 Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) units of English and the 4 Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) units of Math. The exemption scores are as follows:

    SAT Critical Reading score ≥ 430 or ACT English ≥ 17
    SAT Math score ≥ 400 or ACT Math ≥ 17
    GHSGT-ELA Score ≥ 235
          (2010-2012 graduates ONLY; Satisfies only the Writing and Reading Compass sections)

Transfer students that have taken ENGL 1101 and/or MATH 1111 or higher level course from approved institutions are exempt from the COMPASS requirement.

Submit your SAT scores via College Board (SAT school code – 5200)  or submit your ACT scores via ACT (ACT school code – 0799) for evaluation. Please allow up to 4 weeks for scores to be mailed as we do not upload electronically. Students are also able to print an official SAT score report

COMPASS Score Information

East Georgia State College has established minimum COMPASS Entrance scores in each subject area.  Students must meet an exempting score in at least one area and score at least a minimum score in the other two areas. Those that are placed in all three areas of Learning Support (meeting minimum requirements) may consider the Summer Jump Start Academy as an alternative option. *Students who have a calculated high school GPA below 2.00 OR have earned a GED diploma, must exit TWO subject areas with a minimum score in only ONE area.

(prior to March 2016)
(as of March 2016)
Compass AccuPlacer ASSET
Min. Score to Exempt Writing Compass 17 English 430 Critical Reading 24 Reading 7 eWrite OR  
60 Writing
4 WritePlacer 42 Writing Skills
Min. Score to Exempt Reading Compass 17 English 430 Critical Reading 24 Reading 74 Reading 61 Reading Comprehension 40 Reading Skills
Min. Score to Exempt Algebra Compass 17 Math 400 Math 22 Math 37 Algebra 67 Elem. Algebra 42 Algebra w/Elem Algebra


  Compass AccuPlacer ASSET
Min. Score for Writing Compass 4 eWrite OR 
2 WritePlacer 37 Writing Skills
Min. Score for Reading Compass 62 Reading 46 Reading Comprehension 36 Reading Skills
Min. Score for Algebra Compass 20 Algebra 32 Elem. Algebra 31 Algebra  w/Elem Algebra

Testing Instructions

  1. Students must bring a Photo ID to the test. Without a photo id, you will not be allowed to test.
  2. Cell phones are NOT allowed in the testing lab.
  3. Students are strongly encouraged to practice prior to taking the exam but using the practice links on the right.
  4. Personal calculators are not permitted. EGSC provides a basic calculator and there is a calculator built into the test for you to use.
  5. This test is computerized and not timed.
  6. There is no cost for this test if the student has applied for admission to EGSC. There is a $25 fee if the student is not an EGSC applicant.
  7. Children are not allowed in the testing room and cannot be left alone outside of the testing area.

Retesting Policy

  1. Students currently enrolled in Learning Support classes are not eligible to retest as registering for classes will immediately eliminate the retest option — no exceptions.
  2. The retest must be taken before the Admission deadline date for that term.
  3. Students may retest once without showing proof of remediation. After the second attempt, students must show proof of remediation to be eligible for a third and final attempt
  4. Students must wait at least one week between exam and retest to allow for remediation.
  5. Students who have tested two times and have not obtained acceptable scores are allowed a 3rd attempt after they have completed at least 6 hours of remediation.
  6. Students who have tested three times and have not obtained acceptable scores are allowed a 4th attempt after they have completed at least 20 hours of remediation.
  7. A $15 retest fee is assessed for each seated visit, not per test section.
  8. The retest fee may be paid at the Business Office at the Swainsboro campus and receipt must be shown in order to verify testing.

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