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Accuplacer Scores and Placement

In order to assist students to achieve their goals in college, it is important to ensure that all students have the foundational skills in writing, reading and mathematics to succeed in all of their college courses.

The ACCUPLACER test is used to meet Admissions requirements and for placement purposes for the Learning Support Program. It is also used for Math Placement for students who are admitted via SAT or ACT scores but need to demonstrate the ability to take MATH 1111 or higher coursework for STEM Majors.

Thus, ACCUPLACER placement testing should be taken seriously by applicants who may wish to review materials to prepare prior to testing.

Entrance Exam Score

East Georgia State College has established minimum entrance scores in each subject area.  Students must meet an exempting score in at least one area and score at least a minimum score in the other two areas. Those that are placed in all three areas of Learning Support or those that do not meet minimum entrance requirements are encouraged to consider the Summer Jump Start Academy as an alternative option. *Students who have a calculated high school GPA below 2.00 OR have earned a GED diploma, must not be placed in TWO Learning Support subject areas.

 Exempting Scores ACT Old SAT
(prior to March 2016)
(as of March 2016)
Compass AccuPlacer ASSET
Score for Writing 17 English 430 Critical Reading 24 Reading 60 Writing
OR 7 eWrite   
4 WritePlacer 42 Writing Skills
Score for Reading  17 English 430 Critical Reading 24 Reading 74 Reading 61 Reading Comprehension
If Reading Comp is 75+, WritePlacer not required
40 Reading Skills
Score for Algebra 17 Math 400 Math 22 Math 37 Algebra 67 Elem. Algebra (Math 1001, 1101)
79 Elem. Algebra (Math 1111)
42 Algebra w/Elem Algebra


  Compass AccuPlacer ASSET
Min. Score for Writing 4 eWrite OR 
3 WritePlacer 37 Writing Skills
Min. Score for Reading 62 Reading 46 Reading Comprehension 36 Reading Skills
Min. Score for Algebra  20 Algebra 32 Elem. Algebra 31 Algebra  w/Elem Algebra

Placement Index

Entrance exam placement scores alone no longer determine placement, as per USG policy, a Mathematics Placement Index (MPI) and an English Placement Index (EPI) will be calculated based on High School Grade Point Average (HSGPA), SAT or ACT and, when indicated, and approved placement test. Please click link(s) below for more detailed information in calculation.

  LS Foundation
Support Range
LS Co-Requisite
Support Range
Placement Level
English Placement Index (EPI) 3032-3725 3726-4229 4230 + Above
Math Placement Index (MPI)
Math 1001 or 1101 (Non-STEM)
3032-3725 989-1164 1165 + Above
Math Placement Index (MPI)
Math 1111 (STEM)
928-988 989-1264 1265 + Above


* NOTE: If EPI is 3031 or below, then MPI must be at least a 1028 + Above. If MPI is 927 or below, then EPI must be at least a 3905 + Above.