Placement Exam

Accuplacer Remote Testing

Remote Testing

Do you live outside of the Swainsboro area or unable to visit campus to test? Students who are unable to test at either the Swainsboro, Statesboro or Augusta campus are able to take the exam at an Accuplacer Remote Testing Site of their choosing at an institution closest to them. With the Remote Testing Option, you can quickly and conveniently arrange to have your Accuplacer exam administered from accredited testing centers across the country. 

Please note: Remote testing is arranged for students 50 miles or more from an East Georgia State College campus. EGSC will not arrange remote tests at other institutions within the 50 mile radius.

Please be aware that each institution charges a proctoring fee for this service which the student will be responsible for. Results will be downloaded 24-48 hours after testing has been completed. If you would like to set up a remote test, view the table below to find a location, then fill out the Accuplacer remote request form. If you are testing out of the State of Georgia, your test site will be selected based on proximity to your address. *Please note that only those students that have applied to EGSC are eligible for a remote exam.

  • The Remote Testing Voucher will allow you to test at another institution located closest to you and your test scores will be sent to EGSC electronically upon completion. (The WritePlacer portion of the exam may take 24-48 hours to receive results)
  • Remote exam requests must be submitted at least 3 business days before the date you are wanting to test.
  • Students will be sent an email from Accuplacer <> within 72 hours (excluding weekends) with their voucher code and remote testing instructions.
  • Remote vouchers are only valid for 90 days. In the event of an expired voucher, you must complete a new remote testing request.
  • Take your voucher and a valid photo I.D. to your testing site on the date of your test.
  • EGSC will be notified by email upon completion of your test. Please allow up to 3 days after testing for score to be loaded into the system and a decision (if any) can be made.
    • Please Note: The remote testing site may not print your score for you and we cannot release scores through email or by phone.

To find a remote site in your area, please click here.

Virtual Testing

In light of the current health issues and concerns resulting from the Coronavirus (COVID-19), East Georgia State College will provide the option to take the Accuplacer exam virtually/online using Examity until further notice. Examity is an online proctoring platform that gives testers the flexibility to take exams remotely.

  • You will need to have a computer running Windows or Mac OS, a web cam, microphone, and high-speed internet connection. You will also need to create an account with Examity.
  • Examity is available 24/7 to EGSC students. 
  • Students taking Accuplacer online through Examity must pay $20 for proctoring services. Students will pay Examity directly through the Examity website.
  • You will receive an email with a code, called a “Voucher Number” from the ACCUPLACER platform. This code is used to launch your exam.
  • The ACCUPLACER email will include a link for Examity. You will need to set up and account with Examity to be able to make an appointment with them.
  • Problems making an appointment with Examity or with the actual proctoring session should be directed to Examity’s support.

If you want to take the test remotely online through Examity, simply fill out this request form and Admissions will create an Accuplacer voucher for you. The voucher code and instructions to sign up for the test will be emailed to you. (Check your inbox and junk mail folder).

Please note: Students who test at venues other than East Georgia State College will usually be charged a fee by the testing location. This is not controlled by the college, and the application of a fee or the amount of the fee is determined by the non-EGSC testing location. Students who are out of the country may have limited test sites available. Students should email to see if any others options are available.