Orientation - What to Bring

Incoming Freshman Orientation: What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Valid driver's license or some other form of government issued picture ID
  • Light jacket (some rooms can be chilly)
  • Money for lunch ($5 lunch special will be available at multiple locations on campus)
  • Comfortable shoes (you will be walking around campus)
  • Umbrella (in case of rain)
  • Note pad & pen

What do I need to do prior to my Orientation Session?

  • Use the handy pre-Orientation checklist!
  • Review all of the Orientation links and information provided to be prepared and ready to begin classes!
  • Log in to your myEGSC account and regularly check your CatMail - once accepted this is the PRIMARY way we contact students.
  • Register for an Orientation date at the campus you are attending. You must be accepted before attending Orientation.
  • Pay your $20 application fee to the Student Affairs Office to avoid delays at orientation.
  • Provide Lawful Presence documentation to avoid delays at orientation. 
  • Mail any final transcripts (high school, colleges, technical institutions, etc.) to Student Affairs. If Orientation occurs prior to completion of your final term, mail the transcripts upon completion of your term.
  • Make sure all Financial Aid paperwork is completed. File FAFSA; submit needed paperwork; accept award amount; request student loan and sign master promissory note (if needed).
  • If you plan on living on-campus, begin or complete the housing process.
  • Mail or fax the Immunization and Medical History Form to the Student Affairs Office to avoid delays at orientation.
  • Mail or fax Disability Disclosure Form (if necessary)
  • If you require accommodations for yourself or a parent, please submit disability documentation to Counseling and Disability Services for determination of eligibility prior to your orientation session. If arrangements are made in advance, ODS will help ascertain needs and arrange appropriate services during orientation for students. Arrangements for family members are also available. We cannot guarantee that services will be available at orientation if arrangements are not made in advance of the program. Request disability accommodations here.

What can I take care of at Orientation?

  • You will receive your EGSC Bobcat Card (your student id card) at Orientation. If you wish to put money on it so that it can be used as a debit card on campus you can do so at the end of Orientation.
  • You can select a meal plan.
  • You will meet with an academic advisor and complete your class registration.
  • You will meet with a Financial Aid counselor to review your file and complete any necessary paperwork.
  • Pick up Parking Decal

What do I need to take care of after Orientation?

  • Tuition and Fees: Billing schedules and payment due date information can be found on the Business Affair's website. Account balances may be viewed in BannerWeb. Balances are due the FIRST DAY OF CLASS!
  • Final Transcript Deadline: Classes will be cancelled up to 30 days after class registration if final transcripts have not been received.
  • Immunization Deadline: If immunizations are incomplete this will prevent future registration.
  • Download the myEGSC app to keep up with registration, tuition and fees, CatMail, etc.

Check Your Financial Aid!

  • File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Financial Aid priority deadlines adhere to when the FAFSA was actually received, not when it was mailed. 
  • Check your current Financial Aid status. This site will indicate your award status and any additional documentation that may be required for verification. *Note that ALL required documentation must be provided before student can be awarded.
  • If you need to submit any verification documents, you may bring them with you to your orientation session but your award may not be posted by the time fees are due so please submit them before your Orientation date. You will meet with a financial aid representative to answer any questions and submit your documents.
  • Once student has been awarded, the following steps must take place:
  1. Log on to myEGSC
  2. Click on BannerWeb
  3. Select Financial Aid
  4. Click on Student Authorization
  5. Click on "Authorize" for all questions shown (this allows your award to pay for tuition and fees, and purchases on the bookstore)
  6. Click Submit

Please refer to the EGSC Financial Aid page to answer any additional questions that you may have, or contact our office at 478.289.2169.