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New Student ID Cards: Submit Your Photo Online

New Students

Welcome to East Georgia State College! Incoming first-year and transfer students that are participating in an Orientation session can upload their own picture for their ID Card!  Students can no longer take their photo for their ID at Orientation as they are required to submit a photo online prior to their Orientation session. Before you submit your photo, please read the information provided below.

ID Card Photo Requirements

To get your EGSC Bobcat ID card, you are required to submit a current photo online. The photo should be passport-style and meet the following requirements:


  • Photo must be a full face and shoulders shot, squarely facing the camera
  • Should be taken against a plain and light-colored background
  • Photo must in color, not black and white
  • Must not be copyrighted or watermarked
  • Must not include headphones, earbuds, or wireless hands-free devices
  • Photo must have been taken in the last 6 months
  • Eyes should be open and looking at camera with a natural expression
  • Must be facing forward, with your head and shoulders clearly visible
  • Photos cannot include sunglasses, props, head coverings, or hats
  • Photo cannot be enhanced in any way (for example, no lenses, filters, text, emoji, stickers, etc.)

Additional Tips:

  • Do not scan your driver's license or school ID photo. The scanned image will not be of high enough quality to meet the system's requirements for an acceptable photo.
  • Do not submit a photo of a photo; just take a photo of yourself.
  • Be sure to hold the camera or mobile device very still.
  • Try turning on a soft overhead light or taking your photo outside in bright light, but avoid having the sun at your back.
  • Make sure there are no shadows over your face.
  • Try standing a few feet in front of a plain wall or other solid color that contrasts with your hair and clothing.
  • Try not to use the camera flash. If you must use flash, take the photo from at least three feet away, and use the camera zoom as needed to center only your face and shoulders within the photo frame

If you are a staff or faculty member obtaining an ID for the first time, please contact Human Resources. If you've lost or need to update your ID Card, please visit the Business Office at the Swainsboro campus, or the front desk at the Statesboro campus, or Payne Hall at the Augusta Campus.

Acceptable Photos

Common Mistakes

Too Light Too Dark Too Many People
Too Close Too Far Away Three Quarter View
Wearing Hat Wearing Sunglasses Shadows
Silly Face Snapchat Filter Face Partially Obscured


Submit a Photo

To submit a photo, first make sure you have activated your myEGSC account, then log into the secure site to submit your ID photo. Please follow the photo instructions listed above. New students will receive your Bobcat ID Card at orientation.  If you have questions about picking up your ID Card, please contact us at 478-289-2169 or via email at

Submit a Photo


If you have further question, feel free to email us at or call us at 478-289-2129.