Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What will academic counseling be like?

Sessions will vary for each student, as individual needs will dictate how often we meet and what we will work on in session.  Some students meet on a weekly basis for a short session to make sure they’re staying on track, and others only need a few sessions to learn the skills they need and do not need to follow up.  In our initial appointment we will discuss your concerns and develop a plan for counseling that we can modify as needed to meet your needs.

How can academic counseling help me?

Academic counseling can help students who are struggling with their coursework due to a variety of reasons.  We can help you develop a schedule as well as give tips on organizational techniques.  If study skills are your area of concern, we can help you determine your learning style, and then discuss study skills/habits that will be most effective for you.  One major concern many students bring to us is test anxiety.  This is an area where we can teach you techniques to manage the anxiety as well as how to better prepare yourself for exams.

If you feel like you may be getting off course with your academics, we can help!

Is academic counseling tutoring?

Academic counseling is not a tutoring service. The goal of academic counseling is to help students identify and resolve barriers to academic success. Visit the ACE (Academic Center for Excellence) on each campus for more information regarding tutoring services.

Can I take classes from East Georgia State College before I graduate from high school?

Yes, you can through our Dual Enrollment program. 

What are the requirements to participate in the Dual Enrollment program?

Due to the decision made by the College Board and ACT to temporarily suspend testing, as well as the recent news that the Accuplacer-Examity remote test proctoring service will be offline for a period of time, institutions are authorized to evaluate their summer and fall 2020 Dual Enrollment applicants without SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer scores.

  • Attend a Dual Enrollment participating school public or private secondary educational institution within the State of Georgia or a home study program operated pursuant to §O.C.G.A. 20-2-690 that has been approved by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. Ask your guidance counselor to be sure your school is approved to participate.
  • Test scores - The following minimum scores are required for those with scores:
  • old SAT (prior to March 2016) : Minimum Critical Reading 430/Math 400, composite of 970 OR
  • new SAT(after March 2016) : Minimum Reading subscore 24/Math score 25.5 OR
  • ACT: Minimum English 17/Math 17, composite of 20 OR
  • NextGen AccuPlacer: Minimum Reading 237/WritePlacer 4/Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics – 258 (non-STEM majors), 266 (STEM majors)
  • Have a High School academic GPA of 3.0 or higher (as calculated by the Office of Admissions).
  • Obtain approval from high school guidance counselor and parents/guardians
  • Be on track to complete the Required High School Curriculum (RHSC), as defined by the University System of Georgia.
What is the EGSC at the Statesboro location?

Since 1997, more than 9,300 students have attended East Georgia State College at Statesboro (EGSC-S). The EGSC-Statesboro initiative was designed to give qualified students the opportunity to attend East Georgia State College at Statesboro without being referred by Georgia Southern University.

At EGSC-Statesboro, students can enjoy personalized instruction in smaller classes with teachers who are committed to the field of education. After completing 30 hours of college-level coursework, East Georgia State College students who have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or better are eligible to transfer to Georgia Southern University, or another university-level institution, though many choose to attend classes in Swainsboro and complete the requirements for an Associate in Arts degree.

Additionally, while at EGSC-Statesboro, students enjoy many of the benefits of Georgia Southern University, including cultural events, campus meal plans, intramural sports, library use, fitness extension facilities, athletic tickets, marching band, and more. Students attending EGSC-Statesboro are also eligible to enroll in health and physical education classes through Georgia Southern University.

What is the EGSC at the Augusta location?

At EGSC-Augusta, students can enjoy personalized instruction in smaller classes with teachers who are committed to the field of education. After completing 30 hours of college-level coursework, East Georgia State College students who have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 or better are eligible to transfer to Augusta University, or another university-level institution, though many choose to attend classes in Swainsboro and complete the requirements for an Associate in Arts degree.

While at EGSC-Augusta on the Summerville campus, you will be able to use Augusta University (AU) classrooms and you will be issued an AU ID card which entitles you to use the AU library, recreation center and some of the food services that Augusta University offers.

What are the minimum general admission requirements for high school graduates?

If you are a recent graduate or have graduated within the last 5 years with at least a 2.0 GPA, you are considered a traditional student. You must graduate from an accredited high school, or have earned a GED. Students that receive a Certificate of Attendance or Performance/Special Education diploma will be required to get a GED before acceptance.

I have a GED but my high school class has not graduated yet. Can I attend EGSC?

Students who submit GED scores prior to their graduating class will be considered for admission on a case by case basis.

Are students required to take the SAT or ACT test?

East Georgia State College no longer requires the SAT or ACT for admission purposes. Students that have scores are asked to submit their scores as they may be able to exempt Learning Support co-requisite courses. 

What are the 17 Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) units?

The RHSC requires that students successfully complete the following high school units:

4 units of English
4 units of mathematics
4 units of science
3 units of social science
2 units of the same foreign language, or 2 units of American Sign Language, or 2 units of computer science

What if I did not take the 3 - Natural Science, 3 - Social Science or 2 - Foreign Languages? How will I satisfy those requirements?

You will be required to take ONE additional course in the area in which you are deficient.  The course will count in your cumulative GPA and will now count toward degree credit and in your transferable hours. You must earn a minimum of a ‘C’ in these courses. Only one course in each area is required.

Where can I complete the Admissions Application?

Applications must be submitted online through GAfutures website

How will I know if I am admitted?

Following receipt of your admission application and all necessary supporting documentation, your application will be reviewed.  You will receive a phone call and a letter stating whether or not you have been accepted at the address you provided on your admissions application.

*Due to the amount of paperwork coming in, it can take up to three weeks for notification of acceptance or denial.

What do you mean by supporting documentation?

All applicants are required to complete an admission application, provide official unopened high school transcripts, any and all prior college or technical school transcripts, and immunization records. Failure to provide this documentation can prevent or delay acceptance and or registration.

If I am accepted to East Georgia State College, what is my next step?

You will need to check your status to see any outstanding documents needed for your file. You can also visit the accepted students page for a checklist to review.

What Immunization records/shots are required?

All students must provide documentation from their physician, health department, etc. that they have been immunized for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR1/MMR2), Tetanus-Diphtheria Vaccine (MTD), and proof of Chicken Pox or Shingles disease or the Varicella Vaccine (MCP) unless they claim a religious exemption. Meningococcal Vaccine (MENI) is highly recommended for those students living in on-campus housing. Students that are 18 or younger at the time of matriculation will also be required to have 3 doses of Hepatitis B Vaccine (MHPB). Students who claim religious exemption, in the event of an outbreak, will be asked to leave campus to prevent infection. Under Georgia law, we are required to notify students they may also need to be immunized for Meningitis and Hepatitis B. The Tetanus-Diphtheria Vaccine (MTD) must have been given within the past 10 years to satisfy the requirement.

Do I have to attend Orientation?

Yes - Attendance is mandatory regardless of the campus attending unless you are an Dual Enrollment, Transient, or Non-Degree Seeking/Post-Baccalaureate Student. Dual Enrollment students will have a separate Orientation and they will be notified of that date via their high school counselor or Dual Enrollment Advisor. 

When will I actually be registered?

At the end of the orientation program with AN advisor, not your specific advisor. Based on your major or campus location, you will be assigned an Advisor after classes begin by the Registrar’s office prior to the next semester’s Early Registration period.

You mentioned an academic advisor. How will I know who that is?

At the new student orientation/registration, advisement is handled in a random manner.  You will be advised and registered by your group leader.  Prior to your first ‘early’ registration for a subsequent semester, you can look on-line by logging in with your user ID and pin# to your myEGSC account via BannerWeb under the Student Services>View Student Information>Registration window, or by going to the academic department and determine the name of your permanently assigned advisor.

I still have questions and nothing on here has an answer for me. Who can I contact?

If you have questions regarding the following:

  • admissions process and/or documents
  • testing
  • Orientation
  • Financial Aid
  • scholarships
  • student loans/tax papers
  • VA Benefits
  • GI Bill use
  • registration
  • proctored exams
  • account holds

please contact the Student Affairs Office at (478) 289-2169 or through the Student Affair contact form.

If you have questions regarding payments, student insurance plans, tuition amounts, etc. please contact the Business Office at 478-289-2000.

If you're not sure who to contact, please call Student Affairs and we will direct you to the right person.  

How do I know how much my tuition and fees are?

Email invoices are sent to students' East Georgia State College Cat Mail account after registration.  You can also check your Banner Web account to determine your tuition and fee charges.

If I am receiving financial aid, how can I determine if it has been processed and applied to my charges?

Check your Banner Web account to determine if your financial aid has been applied to your charges.

If my financial aid has been processed and I am receiving a refund, when will it be available?

East Georgia State College has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements to deliver your financial aid refund. In any given semester, the office of Business Affairs will begin disbursing refunds after the third week of classes.   Subsequent disbursement of Financial Aid Refunds will continue each Thursday. The financial aid disbursement date in Banner is not the date refunds are released to BankMobile.  If you are receiving a loan, the lender’s disbursement date is not the date refunds are released to BankMobile.

Why do I need to select a refund preference with BankMobile if I am not receiving Financial Aid?

All student refunds are sent to BankMobile for disbursement.  It's important for students to pay attention to their Banner Web Accounts due to changes in Account Summary.  Below are examples of situations that may result in a Refund and the Banner Codes which signifies a student is due a refund.

  • Student pays for classes out-of-pocket and then withdraws before the drop class deadline (REFN)
  • Student over pays for tuition and fees (OVPY)
  • Student received Financial Aid, and after tuition and fees are paid, there is money left for student (FARB)
Will I be able to use my financial aid to purchase books?

If your financial aid award amount has been “memo/authorized” to your student account and exceeds the amount of tuition and fees you owe, you may be able to charge books at the East Georgia State College Bookstore using a percentage of those funds.  However, you must give EGSC permission to deduct additional charges from excess financial aid.

How do I authorize EGSC to deduct additional charges from excess financial aid?

Four questions will pop up when you log in to Banner Web for the first time. These questions are asking you whether or not you want the Business Office to use your financial aid to pay for other charges such as books, prior semester charges, or non-institutional charges such as parking tickets, fines, etc.

If I don't receive financial aid, when must I pay my tuition and fees?

It is a Board of Regents policy that all tuition and fees are due upon registration.  Final fee payment deadline is the date by which all tuition and fees must be paid to prevent cancellation of your classes.  Final Fee Payment Deadline will be posted on the Academic Calendar and e-mail invoices will be sent to student Cat Mail accounts.

How and where do I pay tuition and fees?

You may pay tuition and fees using the following methods:

  • CASH – Payments by cash should be made at the Business Office on the Swainsboro campus. Our office at East Georgia State College - Statesboro does not accept cash amounts greater than $80.00.
  • CHECK or MONEY ORDER – Check/Money Orders must be made payable to East Georgia State College and can be mailed to the East Georgia State College, Business Office at 131 College Circle, Swainsboro, GA 30401.  Please notate the student ID number on the check/money order. Do not mail payments to the Statesboro address.
  • ONLINE –Tuition/Fee payments may be made online by check or credit/debit cards using the Student's Banner Web account. If you are paying by credit/debit card, you must pay online.  Payments for mandatory tuition and fees are not accepted in person  or over the phone.  If paying by credit/debit card, you will linked to PayPath for payment completion. PayPath accepts American Express, Discover Card, and MasterCard and charges a 2.75 percent convenience fee per transaction. **PayPath does not accept VISA!!!

Steps to Pay Tuition Online

  1. Go to myEGSC and login
  2. Select Banner Web
  3. When Banner Web opens select Student
  4. When the next screen comes up select Student Account
  5. Select Account Summary and scroll to the end of the page.
  6. You will have two options (Pay by Check/Savings or Credit Card Payment).
  7. Enter the Student ID and Pin. Select the correct term
Where do I purchase a parking permit?

Swainsboro Campus:

Students are not required to display parking permits, with the exception of on-campus residents.
Bobcat Villas Resident Parking is designated with signage and green-lined spaces in Parking Lots P-9 and P-14.
Residents’ vehicles must be registered with the Business Office and must display a decal.

Bobcat Villas Resident Vehicle Registration (Please fill before Move-In Day.)

Statesboro Campus:

Students are not required to display parking permits while parking at the EGSC Statesboro Academic Facility.
The mandatory transportation fee covers the shuttle bus that runs from the EGSC Statesboro Academic Facility to the Georgia Southern
Campus. Hours for the shuttle bus service are adjusted each semester to meet demand.

Augusta – Summerville Campus:

A parking permit is required to park on the Summerville Campus. Please visit the Summerville Parking Office to obtain a hangtag.
The mandatory transportation fee that is part of your Augusta – Summerville Campus fees covers passage on the Jaguar Express Transit System,
which operates weekdays when classes are in session. Download the Augusta University Transit App, Smarttraxx from the Apply App Store or
Google Play to review routes and track the Jaguar Express Transit shuttles.

For more information, please see the EGSC Parking & Transportation Policy.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


What is career counseling like?

Career counseling is generally briefer than other kinds of counseling.  We will begin by discussing some general information about your career interests and values and assist you in completing a career assessment to determine your career interests, aptitudes, and values as well as explore your Holland Code.  Your Holland code is your personality type or “Career Personality” (RIASEC - Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional).  It is important that students choose careers that are congruent with these areas so that their career choice is a good match for them. Choosing a career is one of the most important things that you will do as a college student.  Taking the time now to do your research and make a well informed decision about your career field will pay off tremendously.  As you enter your career, you’ll be glad you took the time to ask questions and to complete thorough career exploration.  Our office can assist you in your career assessment and career exploration efforts. 

Can you help me determine what school(s) offers the major I am looking for?

Yes, we can show and demonstrate some tools that you can use to assist you in locating this information as well as answer questions that you might have regarding majors and which school(s) may be a good fit for your career aspirations.

Can you assist me in developing a resume?

Yes, we can assist you in developing a resume that is appropriate for a particular type of job.  We are also available to review resumes and provide input/feedback.

What about cover letters?

We can also help you to develop cover letters specific to a particular job that you’re applying for.  We can also provide input/feedback on a cover letter you have written.

What about Internships (Experiential Learning Opportunities)?

We can assist you in obtaining information on internship opportunities. 

When can I apply for services?

We recommend that students initiate contact as soon as they are accepted as a student at EGSC. We recommend being proactive in submitting documentation for review, especially if there is possibly a need for updated documentation. Keep in mind, having documentation reviewed does not mean that
you have to utilize our services. If you later choose to not receive accommodations, this is your choice!

The time between initially submitting documentation and receiving determination of eligibility can sometimes take several weeks and obtaining updated testing can take several months, especially during high volume times at the RCLD. If you are requesting accommodations that may take a longer time to prepare (i.e. interpreter for the hearing impaired, books in alternative format, special furniture/classroom arrangements etc), we ask for at least six weeks notice to ensure accommodations are in place by the start of the semester.

What kinds of disabilities qualify me to receive accommodations?

Covered disabilities include both visible and invisible disabilities. Some examples include ADD/ADHD, physical/medical disorders, vision/hearing impairments, psychological disorders, and learning disorders. If you have a question regarding eligibility, please contact us to discuss your concerns.

Where can I send my documentation?

If you know where you will be attending, please send your documentation to the corresponding office. If you are unsure, send it to our main office in Swainsboro. You can submit documentation via mail, fax or email. We ask that if you plan on faxing or mailing your documentation that you call first so that we will know to look for it! This also helps us make sure we can get your contact information and an idea of how we may help you.


Swainsboro                                                Statesboro                         

Mailing Address:                                        Mailing address:

131 College Circle                                    P.O. Box 8010
Swainsboro, GA 30401                            Statesboro, GA 30460

What about temporary disabilities?

Sometimes students encounter disabilities that are temporary, such as a broken arm or a temporary illness. In these cases we can often arrange for temporary accommodations if we have adequate documentation. Please contact our office for more information.

Should I go ahead and obtain updated testing since my documentation is from high school?

Not necessarily. We recommend that students discuss with us what their current documentation is before pursuing updated testing which can often be expensive and time consuming. Depending on when the documentation was completed and how thorough it is, you may very well be approved for permanent accommodations based on what you already have. We also provide temporary accommodations for at least 1 semester for students who have documentation but need time to obtain updated testing. Generally though, documentation must be completed within 3 years from when the student is seeking accommodations. 

Must I disclose my disability as soon as I become a new student at EGSC?

No! You may choose to disclose your disability at any point during your career at EGSC. We have many students who initially do not wish to seek accommodations, but later decide that they need to. We also have many students who set up accommodations initially, but find that they do not need to use them. When and how often accommodations are utilized is completely up to you, the student. We do, however, recommend coming to speak with a counselor as soon as you notice your disability may be affecting your academics so that we can discuss your concerns and difficulties. And remember, the college is not responsible for making accommodations for students who have not disclosed their disability and have not provided appropriate documentation. 

How long will my accommodations be effective?

For students approved for temporary accommodations, these will be effective from the day the contract is completed, until the last day of finals for the semester the accommodations are granted. In some cases we can extend temporary accommodations beyond one semester if a student is in the process of obtaining updated testing/documentation but has not received results back yet. For students approved for permanent accommodations, these will be effective from the date we complete contracts throughout your college career. You WILL have to renew contracts each semester you wish to use accommodations, but you will not be required to submit further documentation. Permanent accommodations granted through the RCLD will be honored at any school within the University System of Georgia.


What if my professor doesn’t provide my accommodations to me?

If you have discussed your accommodations with your instructor and obtained their signature on your contract, but are still having difficulty receiving the accommodations, please contact one of our staff members to discuss the issue. Our job is to help communicate between you and your professor if an issue arises. Most of the time when accommodations aren’t being received as they should be, it is a matter of misunderstanding or miscommunication. Remember, we can’t help you if we don’t know, so please contact us in the event this occurs!

What is the Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD)?

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia has set up three of these centers to help students with learning disorders by providing assessments, reviewing documentation and approving permanent accommodations within the University System. Each center serves about a dozen schools within the University system. East Georgia State College works in conjunction with the RCLD located at Georgia Southern University. The RCLD not only works directly with schools, but also with students and parents. Do not hesitate to call them directly with questions!

What type of ID do I need to get a library card? Check out a book?

EGSC Catcards serve as library cards for EGSC students, faculty and staff. Other residents of Georgia may be eligible to be a Community Borrower by presenting a current, valid Georgia ID card or driver's license. Other forms of ID may be acceptable as well; please review the Community Borrower policy for more information.

Can I renew my books online?

You can renew both EGSC Library books and books that you have ordered through GIL Express online by accessing your library account online. To renew books requested through interlibrary loan (ILL), please send a request to

I'm not an East Georgia State College student/faculty/staff member. Can I access Library collections?

Most areas in the Library are open to the public. If you sign up to be a Community Borrower, you can check out most materials. Materials in the Heritage Center and the Reference collection do not circulate, but may be viewed in-house.

Where do I get materials on Reserve for a course?

Reserve materials may be checked out from the main Circulation desk to be used in-house only. A current Catcard is required to check out Reserve materials.

Where do I return library materials?

All library materials can be returned to the Circulation desk during any hours the library is open. An outside book drop is located across from the Luck Flanders Gambrell Center on College Circle for your convenience for the return of books and periodicals and for after hours returns. Please return media items to the Circulation desk.

Will my parents, family, friends or professors know I am coming to counseling?

All of the services provided by the Counseling and Disability Services Office are confidential.  Our staff adheres to professional, legal and ethical guidelines that protect your personal information.  This means any information about your contact with our office will not become part of your academic record and cannot be released to any office or individual without your consent.  You may choose to sign a release of information form to allow us to communicate with family or friends and you can choose what information they have access to (ex. Contact in emergencies only).  We will be sure to discuss confidentiality with you in detail at your first appointment.  It is important to note that there are some exceptions to confidentiality.  As counselors, we are mandated to report some information which may include intent to harm yourself or others, or any suspicion of abuse occurring to a vulnerable population such as children, the elderly, the disabled etc.  Our primary goal is to maintain your personal safety as well as the safety of others, and in the event that we believe confidentiality must be breached, we will make every attempt to discuss this with you prior to doing so.

How much do counseling services cost?

All services provided by the Counseling and Disability Services office are free of charge to eligible students. 

When am I eligible to receive counseling services?

You must be registered for classes in the current semester in order to receive personal, academic or career counseling services.  If you have registered for the following semester and have completed the immediate preceding semester with EGSC, you may receive services between the semester breaks.  This includes students who have not registered for summer courses, but were registered in spring and have already registered for fall.   If you withdraw from all classes at any point in the semester, you will no longer be eligible for our services.  If you are a new or returning student, you must have begun classes prior to receiving services. 

How can I set up an appointment for counseling?

You can initiate contact with the counselors through email, phone or by coming to our office.  We will ask you a few questions about what services you are interested in and get a basic idea of your concerns.  We strongly encourage appointments for counseling so that we can ensure we have adequate time to devote to your needs.  Appointments are first come, first served.  You may drop in, but at times we will not be able to meet with you immediately, as we may be serving other students.

How do I apply to live on campus at EGSC Swainsboro?

The housing application is now a 1-step online process from start to finish. Students who have received their acceptance to East Georgia State College may complete the housing application by logging in to MyEGSC Portal and clicking the housing application link on the left side of the screen. Follow the directions carefully, and be sure to visit and complete all pages within the application.

If you intend to live on campus for Summer AND Fall, you will need to complete an online application for each of those two terms.

Is on campus housing available at the Augusta or Statesboro campuses of EGSC?

Housing is available for EGSC Augusta students on the campus of Augusta University on a space available basis. You must contact Augusta University for availability and to apply for housing there. For the last several semesters there has not been any open rooms at Augusta University. Please have a backup plan for housing if that is the case.

College managed housing is not available for EGSC Statesboro students, but there are a number of off campus options available adjacent to campus. Contact the Statesboro campus for more information on housing options in Statesboro or click the link on the right for Off Campus housing options.

What if I change my intended campus after I have already submitted my admissions application?

If any information for your record changes (permanent address, phone numbers, email address, campus of attendance) be sure to complete an admissions update form. Click here to complete the online update form.

What is the application deadline for housing?

There is no deadline, but rooms are assigned on a first-come basis dependent on completion of housing application and receipt of housing application fee.  Housing is not guaranteed. Once we reach a waitlist situation, the housing website main page will be updated with this information as well as the online housing application.

How do I request a specific roommate?

New Students: When you are inside the housing application on the MyEGSC portal, you will come to a roommate search page. You can find roommates by first name OR last name OR cell phone number. You will only find the person you are looking for if they have already begun a housing application. Please note that if you send a request to a roommate they must confirm your request in order for the two of you to be housed together. If you have difficulty finding your chosen roommate, place their name in the "about me" section of your housing application. We will try to put you together whenever possible.

When it comes time to make room assignments, your roommate request will trump your building request. For example, if at the time you apply you request 2 specific roommates and you want to live in Bobcat Villas West, and the only place I have to assign you with three open bedrooms is Bobcat Villas South, you will be assigned to Bobcat Villas South. Roommate preferences always receive priority over building placement.

Returning students: Must participate in room self-selection each spring and will not be permitted to pull in roommates. Each student is responsible for selecting his/her own room space.


How are roommates assigned?

New Students: Roommates are assigned based on information provided on the Residence Hall Application and input from the student. On the application, students can request roommates by name. They also complete roommate profile questions that helps us match them with similar people. New students will be assigned with consideration given to roommate preferences first, building type second, and profile question answers third.

Returning students: are permitted to select a specific room during the room self-selection period.

Can you change roommates after they have been assigned?

Yes, you can request a roommate change. Changes can be requested via EGSC email up until 2 weeks before the posted move-in date if space is available. Requests received within the 2 weeks just before move-in will not be considered, and you will have to wait until the open room change period after the semester starts.

If I’m having trouble with my roommates, can I change rooms during a semester?

You may request a room change during a semester, but space may not be available for an immediate move. Roommate Agreements will be completed during the first month that the student is on campus. This agreement will ask the four roommates to consider situations they might encounter during a semester and discuss a plan of action. The agreement can be altered at any time to fit the changing needs of the group, but also serves as a platform for mediation.

Room changes will not be made during the first two weeks of the last 2 weeks of the semester. These are freeze dates used to confirm room occupancy and make assignments for the next term, respectively.

What furniture comes with the apartment?
  • Living room: modular pieces that can be used as chairs or pushed together to make a couch and/or loveseat; window blinds; ceiling fan (Bobcat Villas South)
  • Living room: 2 slipper chairs in living room (Bobcat Villas West)
  • Kitchen: refrigerator with ice maker; stove; microwave
  • Bedroom: extra long twin bed with mattress and drawers; desk; desk chair; track closet system; window blinds; ceiling fan
  • Twin XL Bed Mattress: 36"Wx80"Dx8"H
  • Twin XL Bed : 38"Wx2.5"Dx36"H (South beds have under bed dresser drawers)
  • 3-Drawer Dresser: 30"Wx20"Dx29"H (Bobcat villas west)
  • 4-Leg Desk - Standard Suites: 30"Wx24"Dx29"H
  • 4-Leg Desk - ADA Suites: 34"Wx24"Dx29"H
  • Mobile Pedestal/Nightstand: 16"Wx20"Dx29"H (Bobcat Villas West only)
  • 2-Position Chair: 17.5"Wx25"Dx32.5"H
What are the dimensions of areas in the apartment?
Bobcat Villas-South
  • Living Room Window: 80”w x 76”h (Students wanting curtains that hang to the floor should buy 96" curtain panels)
  • Bedroom Window: 40”w x 64”h (Students wanting curtains that hang to the floor should buy 96" curtain panels)
  • Closet: track system; 48” shelf with bar for hanging clothes
  • Bedroom: 8’ x 9'

Bobcat Villas-West

  • Living Room Window: 59"W x 70"H  (Students wanting curtains that hang to the floor should buy 96" curtain panels)
  • Bedroom Window: 34"W x 58" H (Students wanting curtains that hang to the floor should buy 96" curtain panels)
  • Typical Suite Interior Door: 3'W x 6'-8"H
  • Shower ADA*: 5'W x 2'-10"D
  • Shower Standard*: 4'W x 2'-10"D
  • Bedroom: 8’6” x 11'

Shower Rod provided - Shower curtain and hooks are not provided. Students should purchase stall shower liner. You can also lengthen your standard shower curtain by adding an extra set of shower curtain rings. Ask an RA to show you!

How do I know which apartment I have been assigned?

Students will be notified of their room assignment and roommates when their application is compete (all five steps completed) or by July 15th (whichever comes last). The room assignment will also appear on the confirmation page of your housing application once rooms have been assigned.

Do not expect to see a confirmed room assignment before July 15 of the coming year. Tentative assignments will be available on or just after July 1.

What if I need special accommodations in housing as a result of a disability?

Contact Counseling and Disability Services at as soon as possible because accommodations take time to be approved and arranged.

May I apply for on-campus housing before being formally accepted to EGSC?

Beginning Fall 2018, students interested in housing must be accepted to EGSC before they can apply for housing. The housing application is available as a link on the MyEGSC student portal.

Can I live with a person of a different gender?

No. On-campus housing at EGSC is designed for roommates of the same sex only. Gender neutral housing is not available.

Do I need Renter's Insurance?

The Office of Housing and Residence Life very strongly advises that each resident carry individual renter's insurance for his or her personal property in the event of fire, flood, theft, hurricane, tornado, overflowing tubs, broken pipes, water main breaks, etc.

You must understand that East Georgia State College and the Office of Housing and Residence Life DOES NOT and CANNOT protect any personal belongings against burglary, vandalism, fire, smoke, and other perils.

You must also understand that by not having personal liability insurance, you may be liable to third parties and to East Georgia State College and the Office of Housing and Residence Life, for certain perils which are covered by renter's insurance.

You may be covered by your parents' homeowner's insurance. Check with your parents' homeowner's insurance company to see what is covered and additional information necessary for coverage.

Can I see my room or place items in it before I arrive on opening day?

We will make every effort to have a Preview Room available for touring during Orientation, EGSC Open House, and regularly scheduled campus tours, but cannot allow items to be placed in apartments before a student moves in.

What is a Room Condition Report (RCR)?

You must complete, sign and return a Room Condition Report at move-in to document any problems with the condition of the room when it is initially occupied. You will be held financially responsible for any damages to the room found upon move-out unless originally noted on the Room Condition Report or a previously reported maintenance problem. Severe damages may be submitted as a student conduct violation for vandalism depending on the severity.

Rooms will be inspected again at move-out. You must schedule this inspection and be present when it takes place, or complete an express move-out during which you do not have to be present.

Housing and Residence Life will maintain and repair the mechanical systems, plumbing systems, and appliances. Residents will be responsible for any costs that occur from misuse, abuse or neglect to the apartment or the premises.

Do ONLY freshman get to live on campus?

No, any EGSC student can live on campus.

Are all students living on campus required to have a meal plan?

Yes, all students who choose to live on campus will be required to purchase a minimum 9-meal/200-flex plan.

Will students have access to Wi-Fi if they wanted to bring a laptop?

Wifi is available in both Bobcat Villas South and West!

Students in Bobcat Villas South may have both wired internet and television service if they wish. Students in West will have to choose between wired cable TV or wired internet. There is only one port and it will service only one function.

Do I need a computer?

A computer lab is available inside Bobcat Villas-South and Bobcat Villas-West, inside the Jean and L.C. "Shot" Strange Clubhouse, in the JAM Student Center and in the Library, so a student has multiple options on campus if they do not bring a computer. However, all residents have access to the labs inside Bobcat Villas and all EGSC students have access to the other labs, so a student may have to wait their turn during peak times.

Are cookware and utensils provided?

No, cookware and utensils will need to be provided by the student.

Can students stay on campus during holidays?

Although campus housing will officially close during Thanksgiving Week, Winter Break, and Spring Break, students can complete Request for Housing during Breaks form with the Office of Housing and Residence Life for approval. Students may leave all belongings in their rooms during these breaks. Additional charges may be placed on your account depending on the length of the break you wish to stay.

What are the visitation procedures and hours for residents?

See the Resident Student Handbook for complete rules regarding visitation. Be aware that visitors of the opposite gender must be checked out of the residence halls by midnight each night. No opposite sex overnight guests are permitted (including family members).

Are pets allowed?

Only approved service animals or Emotional Support Animals are allowed in the residence halls. For more information on service animals, contact the counseling office.

Do I have to take a specific number of credit hours to be able to obtain on-campus housing?

We ask that students carry a full academic load (12 hours) during Fall and Spring semesters and at least 6 hours during Summer semester. Special exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis, but students need to be aware that any drop in credit hours below full time may reduce their available financial aid and result in a financial balance owed to the college.

Can financial aid be used towards housing costs?

Financial Aid money can be used to pay for housing and meal plan costs, but it cannot be used to pay for the housing application fee. The application fee must be paid out-of-pocket.

Who is responsible for cleaning the bedrooms and bathrooms?

After students move in, they are responsible for cleaning the apartment. Health and safety inspections will be performed by staff at least twice per semester to make sure the apartments are being cleaned  and maintained to a minimum safe standard.

Can I bring a bicycle?

Absolutely! Bike racks are provided, but students will need to provide their own lock.

Are telephones available on campus or within the units?

Telephone access is available in the housing office for students to use if they need to call home in an emergency situation. Emergency phones that directly dial 911 are located near the emergency exit on each hallway. Residents are recommended to make arrangements for a personal cell phone prior to arriving on campus. Pay phones are not available.

Is tutoring available for students?

EGSC offers free tutoring in the Academic Center for Excellence located in the Luck Flanders Gambrell building.

Where do I receive my mail?

Each resident will have a mailbox in the Clubhouse. Mailbox keys will be provided at housing check-in and must be returned at check-out.

Student packages will be available for pick up between the hours of 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., 7 days a week in the Clubhouse. Do not ask for packages outside of this time period.

Resident address is as follows:

Resident Name
Bobcat Villas _____ Apt #____ (Ex: M105A, K316B, etc)
131 College Circle
Swainsboro, GA 30401

Remember that the building code for South is K and the code for West is M.

Is there a curfew?

Residents do not have a curfew. The lobby doors are locked 24/7 and can only be accessed by a current resident with an ID card or staff members with access privileges.

Is cable television service provided?

Each bedroom in both buildings is equipped with a cable box. You will need to provide your own HDMI cord to connect to the cable box. If you experience any cable tv issues while in residence, place a work request.

Where do we do laundry?

Bobcat Villas-South has one laundry room on the first floor; Bobcat Villas-West has one laundry room on the second floor and another on the third floor. Students do have to provide their own laundry detergent, etc., but will not be charged to use the equipment.

Can I bring my own furniture?

EGSC furniture cannot be removed and a clear path has to be maintained to the exit, but students can bring their own furniture to make their apartments feel more homely.

Is there a place where I can hang out?

The Jean and L.C. "Shot" Strange Clubhouse is accessible to residents and their guests. This facility has a game room, four big-screen TVs, a computer lab area, and a multi-purpose room with kitchen. This building is available to residential students and their guests only, but rooms can be reserved by faculty and staff for events and activities through the campus scheduling service.

Game Room Hours: (Fall 2020)
The game room will be closed due to COVID-19 for Fall 2020 and will be utilized as a temporary storage location for excess furniture. Housing will notify students when it reopens.

Who do I go to if I have questions or need help?

Please contact our office at 478-289-2172 or by email at We will be happy to help you or put you in contact with the correct resource. You can also stop by our offices in the Clubhouse.

What is the EGSC “Student Technology Fee” and what does the fee cover?

A $50 technology fee will be included in EGSC students' matriculation fees each semester. This fee is used to support the information technology services (i.e., Internet / Email access, wireless Internet, printing) provided to EGSC students.  The technology fee also provides each student a printing balance of 300 pages per semester for use in the EGSC computer labs and EGSC library.  Additional printing pages are charged at the rate of 10 cents per page and can be purchased online or on a "pay-as-you-print" basis in the EGSC library or in the student lab at EGSC - Statesboro student computer lab. You must be currently enrolled and currently attending classes at EGSC in order to utilize your 300-page print allowance.  Unused pages are NOT refunded. 

Note: EGSC Students attending EGSC Statesboro will also be charged the current Georgia Southern University technology fee in order to utilize computer lab resources located on the Georgia Southern University campus.

What types of computer hardware and software are available in the student computer labs?

At the main campus, computers are available for students to use in various locations including computer labs, the library, the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and the Cyber Café. At EGSC Statesboro, three computer labs housing 30 computers each are available.  Students are encouraged to utilize USB Flash Drives for storing their documents and files. These drives can be purchased at the EGSC bookstore or at your local retailer. Each lab has Internet access as well as laser printers. The Microsoft Office Application Suite and other academic software applications are available on the computers in the labs. In addition, students attending EGSC Statesboro can utilize the computer labs located at the Georgia Southern University Campus.

What is the “myEGSC” account / web portal, and how do I access it?

Your myEGSC account is used to access your BANNER Web, GAView D2L, CatMail Email accounts, and other services, which are part of the myEGSC web portal. Your myEGSC account will provide you access to all these applications & services.  Please go to myEGSC for instructions on how to obtain and login to your myEGSC account.

Where do I go to obtain my EGSC Student ID card?

At the Swainsboro campus, Student ID cards can be obtained in the Business Office, which is located in the Jean A. Morgan Student Services Building.  At EGSC Statesboro, Student ID cards can be obtained at the help desk located just inside the building’s main entrance.

How do I authorize my Financial Aid so that I can purchase books and non-institutional expenses?

For instructions on how to authorize your financial aid, please click on the “Online Help” link on the myEGSC login page, then click the link “How to Authorize My Financial Aid?”

What times are the student computer labs available to students and where are the labs located?

The college’s computer labs are open at various times.  Please check the class schedules posted at each lab.   At the Swainsboro campus, student computer labs are located in the main academic building, the Luck F. Gambrell Building and in the P.E. Building. The Cyber Cafe is located in the Jean Morgan Student Services Building.  At EGSC Statesboro, the student computer lab is located in room H134.  You must have an active EGSC student ID to use the EGSC Student Computer labs.  You can obtain your EGSC Student ID at the main campus in the Business Office, which is located in the Jean A. Morgan Student Services Building or at the front desk at EGSC Statesboro. 

NOTE: classes that are scheduled in computer classrooms take priority.

Where are the Information Technology Dept. and Help Desk located?

The department’s main office and help desk are located at the Swainsboro campus in the George L. Smith II Building, which is located between the Luck F. Gambrell Building and the Jean A. Morgan Student Services Building.  The department also has an office (Room H130) at EGSC Statesboro.

Are EGSC students provided an Email address?

All students are provided an EGSC CatMail Email address.  Students will access their EGSC CatMail Email address through their myEGSC user account.  For more information regarding your MyEGSC account, please visit myEGSC.

A student's CatMail Email address remains active for the duration of their enrollment at EGSC.  After one year of non-attendance, the student’s email account and all email messages are deleted.  For additional information about your EGSC student email account, please refer to the EGSC Campus Email policy. Because the college utilizes the EGSC student email address as a primary means for sending communication to students, the college does not utilize a student's third-party email address (i.e., Yahoo account, Gmail account , etc.) for sending email messages to a student.

What are BANNER Web, GA View D2L, and CatMail?

BANNER Web is the EGSC student information system that students use to do things such as viewing their course schedules, grades, financial aid status and related financial information, as well as register online. GA View D2L is the EGSC online course management system that students use to access online course materials, resources, etc., posted by faculty in their respective courses.  For EGSC courses that are totally online, students will need a home computer that has access to the Internet.  CatMail is the EGSC student email system.

Can I get computer-related supplies on campus?

Various computer supplies (i.e., flash / USB drives, software applications) are available for purchase in the EGSC bookstores, which are located in the Jean A. Morgan Student Services Building at the Swainsboro campus and in EGSC Statesboro building.

Can I be notified of campus emergencies (such as campus closings due to bad weather)?

In the event of a campus emergency that may occur at either the main campus or at EGSC – Statesboro, the college utilizes the ConnectED Emergency Notification System to alert students, faculty & staff via email and telephone.  You can also receive alerts via text message on your cellular phone.  For more information about the ConnectED system, please click here.

Are there any computer lab restrictions?

Only drinks / beverages in containers with lids, caps, or covers may be consumed in computer labs.  Food items & tobacco products and other similar-type products are not allowed in the computer labs under any circumstances because they have the potential for damaging the equipment located in the computer labs and can create unsanitary conditions. While using an EGSC student computer lab, users may use cellular telephones and other similar communication devices for texting only.  Because it can be disturbing to others, cell phone conversations should occur outside of student computer labs.  The computer labs are for EGSC students, faculty, and staff use only.  Please do not bring small children in the computer labs as doing so may disturb others.  A college ID is needed to use the student computer labs.  See the Rules for Computer Labs for details.

Is wireless Internet access available at EGSC?

Wireless Internet access is available for students to use at the EGSC Swainsboro campus and at EGSC.  Students should ensure that their laptop / mobile device has a wireless network device that is 802.11 b/g/n network compatible.  In order to connect to the campus wireless network, students’ laptops / mobile devices must have an antivirus program installed, and units with Windows operating systems must be current with Microsoft patches & updates.  If your laptop does not have an antivirus program installed, you will need to purchase or download an antivirus program.  Examples include Norton, AVG and McAfee. If students have problems accessing the wireless network, they should obtain assistance from the college’s Information Technology department.  See the instructions to connect to our wireless Internet access.

May I download video and music files via the EGSC data network?

Users of the EGSC data network are not allowed to download video and/or music files to any workstation (college-owned or other) connected to the college's network.  Please refer to the "East Georgia College Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy."  

Does EGSC have policies and procedures relating to the college’s information technology services and the utilization of these services?

The college's policies and procedures on information technology can be viewed on the Offices / President’s Office / Policies and Procedures of the College web page here.

What can I expect from personal counseling?

Personal counseling is a collaborative process between the counselor and the student aimed at focusing on specific goals you have set.  Common goals include reducing anxiety/depression, improving relationships, improving self-esteem and overcoming a traumatic experience. Sessions are generally 50 minutes and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or at other intervals as mutually decided on. Personal counseling is not a “magic wand” and the counselor cannot reach your goals for you, however, we can help guide you in the direction to do so successfully. It is an active process that will take work on your part both in and outside of sessions, and we are willing to help you do this!

Will my parents, family, friends or professors know I am coming to counseling?

All of the services provided by the Counseling and Disability Services Office are confidential. Our staff adheres to professional, legal and ethical guidelines that protect your personal information. This means any information about your contact with our office will not become part of your academic record and cannot be released to any office or individual without your consent. You may choose to sign a release of information form to allow us to communicate with family or friends and you can choose what information they have access to (ex. Contact in emergencies only). We will be sure to discuss confidentiality with you in detail at your first appointment. It is important to note that there are some exceptions to confidentiality. As counselors, we are mandated to report some information which may include intent to harm yourself or others, or any suspicion of abuse occurring to a vulnerable population such as children, the elderly, the disabled etc. Our primary goal is to maintain your personal safety as well as the safety of others, and in the event that we believe confidentiality must be breached, we will make every attempt to discuss this with you prior to doing so.

Are there any limits to concerns I can bring to personal counseling sessions?

While we do our best to meet your needs and often deal with severe and on-going concerns, some issues may exceed the scope of what our counselors are qualified to address. Additionally, your needs may exceed the services that we can provide in our counseling center at this time. We will discuss this with you and provide referral information for clinicians in the community who may be better suited to meet your needs. Some examples of needs that may exceed our qualifications/services include: chronically suicidal/homicidal/psychotic students, students suffering from severe psychiatric diagnoses beyond the scope of our training, students presenting with a primary diagnosis of substance dependence, and students whose presenting concerns pose ethical conflicts (ex. Roommates seeking individual counseling to talk about one another, family members seeking individual counseling to talk about one another etc.).

Often we can work with students in conjunction with their medical doctors/other treating clinicians, so please be sure to contact us to discuss suitability for services before assuming we cannot help you.

Can I have medications prescribed through the Counseling Center?

One limitation to our counseling center is that we do not have medical doctors on staff, so we will not be able to provide any medication management services. Please speak with us about referrals to physicians who can prescribe medications, including those who operate on a sliding fee scale and accept patients without insurance.

Can I have medications prescribed through Health Services?

For students in Statesboro

You may utilize Health Services at Georgia Southern, however, they will not provide NEW prescriptions to students who are not currently receiving medication management from their home physician. If you ARE currently receiving medication from your home physician, contact GSU Health Services to discuss transferring your records. If documentation can be provided directly from your treating physician, Health Services will often refill prescriptions during the times you may not be able to visit your physician to receive refills. Statesboro students CANNOT receive any services from Georgia Southern’s Counseling and Career Development Center. This includes personal counseling, crisis intervention, and/or psychiatric services.

For Students in Swainsboro:

Please contact Health Services in Swainsboro to discuss ability to prescribe psychiatric medications. They can be reached at: (478) 289-2182