EGSC Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Counseling FAQ

Academic Counseling FAQ

What will academic counseling be like?

Sessions will vary for each student, as individual needs will dictate how often we meet and what we will work on in session.  Some students meet on a weekly basis for a short session to make sure they’re staying on track, and others only need a few sessions to learn the skills they need and do not need to follow up.  In our initial appointment we will discuss your concerns and develop a plan for counseling that we can modify as needed to meet your needs.

How can academic counseling help me?

Academic counseling can help students who are struggling with their coursework due to a variety of reasons.  We can help you develop a schedule as well as give tips on organizational techniques.  If study skills are your area of concern, we can help you determine your learning style, and then discuss study skills/habits that will be most effective for you.  One major concern many students bring to us is test anxiety.  This is an area where we can teach you techniques to manage the anxiety as well as how to better prepare yourself for exams.

If you feel like you may be getting off course with your academics, we can help!

Is academic counseling tutoring?

Academic counseling is not a tutoring service. The goal of academic counseling is to help students identify and resolve barriers to academic success. Visit the ACE (Academic Center for Excellence) on each campus for more information regarding tutoring services.