EGSC Frequently Asked Questions

Disability Services FAQ

Disability Services FAQ

When can I apply for services?

We recommend that students initiate contact as soon as they are accepted as a student at EGSC. We recommend being proactive in submitting documentation for review, especially if there is possibly a need for updated documentation. Keep in mind, having documentation reviewed does not mean that
you have to utilize our services. If you later choose to not receive accommodations, this is your choice!

The time between initially submitting documentation and receiving determination of eligibility can sometimes take several weeks and obtaining updated testing can take several months, especially during high volume times at the RCLD. If you are requesting accommodations that may take a longer time to prepare (i.e. interpreter for the hearing impaired, books in alternative format, special furniture/classroom arrangements etc), we ask for at least six weeks notice to ensure accommodations are in place by the start of the semester.

What kinds of disabilities qualify me to receive accommodations?

Covered disabilities include both visible and invisible disabilities. Some examples include ADD/ADHD, physical/medical disorders, vision/hearing impairments, psychological disorders, and learning disorders. If you have a question regarding eligibility, please contact us to discuss your concerns.

Where can I send my documentation?

If you know where you will be attending, please send your documentation to the corresponding office. If you are unsure, send it to our main office in Swainsboro. You can submit documentation via mail, fax or email. We ask that if you plan on faxing or mailing your documentation that you call first so that we will know to look for it! This also helps us make sure we can get your contact information and an idea of how we may help you.


Swainsboro                                                Statesboro                         

Mailing Address:                                        Mailing address:

131 College Circle                                    P.O. Box 8010
Swainsboro, GA 30401                            Statesboro, GA 30460

What about temporary disabilities?

Sometimes students encounter disabilities that are temporary, such as a broken arm or a temporary illness. In these cases we can often arrange for temporary accommodations if we have adequate documentation. Please contact our office for more information.

Should I go ahead and obtain updated testing since my documentation is from high school?

Not necessarily. We recommend that students discuss with us what their current documentation is before pursuing updated testing which can often be expensive and time consuming. Depending on when the documentation was completed and how thorough it is, you may very well be approved for permanent accommodations based on what you already have. We also provide temporary accommodations for at least 1 semester for students who have documentation but need time to obtain updated testing. Generally though, documentation must be completed within 3 years from when the student is seeking accommodations. 

Must I disclose my disability as soon as I become a new student at EGSC?

No! You may choose to disclose your disability at any point during your career at EGSC. We have many students who initially do not wish to seek accommodations, but later decide that they need to. We also have many students who set up accommodations initially, but find that they do not need to use them. When and how often accommodations are utilized is completely up to you, the student. We do, however, recommend coming to speak with a counselor as soon as you notice your disability may be affecting your academics so that we can discuss your concerns and difficulties. And remember, the college is not responsible for making accommodations for students who have not disclosed their disability and have not provided appropriate documentation. 

How long will my accommodations be effective?

For students approved for temporary accommodations, these will be effective from the day the contract is completed, until the last day of finals for the semester the accommodations are granted. In some cases we can extend temporary accommodations beyond one semester if a student is in the process of obtaining updated testing/documentation but has not received results back yet. For students approved for permanent accommodations, these will be effective from the date we complete contracts throughout your college career. You WILL have to renew contracts each semester you wish to use accommodations, but you will not be required to submit further documentation. Permanent accommodations granted through the RCLD will be honored at any school within the University System of Georgia.


What if my professor doesn’t provide my accommodations to me?

If you have discussed your accommodations with your instructor and obtained their signature on your contract, but are still having difficulty receiving the accommodations, please contact one of our staff members to discuss the issue. Our job is to help communicate between you and your professor if an issue arises. Most of the time when accommodations aren’t being received as they should be, it is a matter of misunderstanding or miscommunication. Remember, we can’t help you if we don’t know, so please contact us in the event this occurs!

What is the Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD)?

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia has set up three of these centers to help students with learning disorders by providing assessments, reviewing documentation and approving permanent accommodations within the University System. Each center serves about a dozen schools within the University system. East Georgia State College works in conjunction with the RCLD located at Georgia Southern University. The RCLD not only works directly with schools, but also with students and parents. Do not hesitate to call them directly with questions!