EGSC Frequently Asked Questions

General Counseling FAQ

General Counseling FAQ

Will my parents, family, friends or professors know I am coming to counseling?

All of the services provided by the Counseling and Disability Services Office are confidential.  Our staff adheres to professional, legal and ethical guidelines that protect your personal information.  This means any information about your contact with our office will not become part of your academic record and cannot be released to any office or individual without your consent.  You may choose to sign a release of information form to allow us to communicate with family or friends and you can choose what information they have access to (ex. Contact in emergencies only).  We will be sure to discuss confidentiality with you in detail at your first appointment.  It is important to note that there are some exceptions to confidentiality.  As counselors, we are mandated to report some information which may include intent to harm yourself or others, or any suspicion of abuse occurring to a vulnerable population such as children, the elderly, the disabled etc.  Our primary goal is to maintain your personal safety as well as the safety of others, and in the event that we believe confidentiality must be breached, we will make every attempt to discuss this with you prior to doing so.

How much do counseling services cost?

All services provided by the Counseling and Disability Services office are free of charge to eligible students. 

When am I eligible to receive counseling services?

You must be registered for classes in the current semester in order to receive personal, academic or career counseling services.  If you have registered for the following semester and have completed the immediate preceding semester with EGSC, you may receive services between the semester breaks.  This includes students who have not registered for summer courses, but were registered in spring and have already registered for fall.   If you withdraw from all classes at any point in the semester, you will no longer be eligible for our services.  If you are a new or returning student, you must have begun classes prior to receiving services. 

How can I set up an appointment for counseling?

You can initiate contact with the counselors through email, phone or by coming to our office.  We will ask you a few questions about what services you are interested in and get a basic idea of your concerns.  We strongly encourage appointments for counseling so that we can ensure we have adequate time to devote to your needs.  Appointments are first come, first served.  You may drop in, but at times we will not be able to meet with you immediately, as we may be serving other students.