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Orientation FAQ

Orientation FAQ

What can I expect at Orientation?

The PAWS Orientation is all about preparing you to be successful at East Georgia State College. You will learn about thriving in a college classroom, the key resources you'll have supporting you, and the ways you can get involved in co-curricular activities to enhance your campus experience. However, what you'll remember most about PAWS are the classmates you'll meet and the pride you'll develop in being a Bobcat.

What should I bring to Orientation?

Attire: Dress comfortably and casually. A light jacket and an umbrella is also recommended as south Georgia weather can vary and some rooms can be a bit chilly. 

Supplies: At PAWS, you'll be encouraged to take an active part in learning about our campus. Part of that process is being prepared to capture the quality information we'll share with you. Make sure to bring a pen and a small notebook to keep in your bag!

Attitude: Be open-minded. PAWS is a great time to branch out and try new things! The more engaged you are in the activities, the more students you'll meet, and the more you'll learn.

Is there a registration fee for Orientation? What is included in the registration fee?

Yes, there is a $25 registration fee for Orientation however this is not an out-of-pocket expense. The Orientation fee is added to your tuition and student fees after you have registered for classes. The registration fee includes an Orientation gift , tote bag, presentations, and all advising materials.

I forgot my Orientation date. How can I find out what date I registered for?

You can find this information in a few ways:

1) You will receive a confirmation email from Ticketleap at the email address you used to register

2) Two days prior to all Orientation dates we send out reminder emails to those who are registered

Ok, I have registered for Orientation, will I need to provide a ticket or confirmation at check in?

NO - Tickets will not be needed nor provided. Orientation staff will have a check-in list provided to sign in students based of the online registrations.

Can I change my Orientation date?

An Orientation date can be changed only one time, and only if there is availability within the session to which you want to move. You will need to cancel your current registration in Ticketleap and sign up for a new Orientation date. 

What if I cannot attend one of the scheduled Orientation dates?

Orientation is MANDATORY for all new EGSC students and we no longer have make-up or late Orientation sessions. If you cannot attend a scheduled Orientation date, you will be deferred to the next semester.

Am I required to attend all of the sessions and presentations offered at Orientation?

Yes, all students are required the entire Orientation session as registration begins later in the day. If you do not attend all of Orientation session, you will not be allowed to register for classes. We believe that Orientation is important to a smooth transition to EGSC and your success as a student. You will not be able to register early prior to attending all of the Orientation session.

If I need to leave early on the day of my Orientation, can I register for classes early?

No. Attendance is required at all Orientation sessions prior to registering for classes. While you may finish prior to 4:00 p.m., we cannot guarantee it. Any student that is unable to stay for the entire Orientation will be required to come back to register at a later date.

Should family members attend Orientation?

Yes. It is important (but not required) that parents or family members attend Orientation. We encourage parents or family members to attend because they have so many good questions and concerns about college life that students might not have considered. Each student is permitted to bring additional guests; however students attending the Statesboro campus are limited to just one guest due to spacing issues. Parents and family members will attend a separate program and will hear information that will help students adjust to EGSC.

Can a parent or family member assist me in registering for classes?

While we encourage family members to review possible course schedules with their students prior to Orientation, family members are not permitted in the registration rooms. Students will be assisted by academic advisors when choosing their classes. Please refer to "Preparing for Advisement" to decide the courses you wish to take prior to attending Orientation.

Are there accommodations for students with disabilities at Orientation?

In order to secure appropriate accommodations, documentation must be submitted to Counseling/Disability Services for approval. Additionally, requests for accommodations at Orientation must be received a minimum of 15 business days in advance. Please contact the Counseling and Disabilities Services office at 478-289-2039 for more information.

Where can I find more information about finding a place to live off-campus?

Thinking of living off-campus?

For Swainsboro students please visit here to view available properties in the area.

For Augusta and Statesboro students, please visit here to view area options.

How do I obtain information about residency for tuition purposes?

Please visit the following website: University System of Georgia Residency Policy.

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