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Journal of the Georgia Philological Association

JGPA currently publishes on a biennial basis. Special consideration is given to expanded/revised versions of papers presented at the annual meeting held in the spring of each year, but submissions are accepted from non-presenters as well; if submissions are accepted for publication, GPA membership is a prerequisite for final publication of all articles.  Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as Word documents and all editorial correspondence sent to the following address:

    Dr. Farrah Senn, Editor-in-Chief
    The Journal of the Georgia Philological Association

Manuscripts should run no more than 8000 words and should conform to the latest MLA (8th ed., 2016) style guidelines. Use parenthetical references and a list of Works Cited; avoid discursive footnotes, and keep commentary and bibliographic endnotes, if necessary, to a minimum. Submission of a manuscript indicates that the article is not being considered nor has been published elsewhere. Manuscripts should also be free of internal reference to the author’s identity; the writer’s name should appear only on the cover letter, and other references should be removed before manuscripts are screened by the editors. Manuscripts judged by the editors to be appropriate for the journal are then submitted to blind review by external readers and/or members of the Editorial Board. The editor maintains responsibility for final selection. Ordinarily decisions will be made within three months of submission. Please follow the guidelines provided below:

  • Be sure your submission follows the 8th edition (2016) MLA Handbook.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.
  • Some formatting issues are caused when a document is formatted on Macintosh computers. Any formatting issues must be corrected before submission. Manuscripts may be returned if the formatting is incorrect.
  • Single space after periods.
  • Please avoid using copious notes. If you wish to use notes, use the following formatting:

Do NOT use Microsoft Word's automatic end note function. Use manually typed superscripts in your text to demarcate the placement of each note. Put notes on a separate page titled "Notes" at the end of your document, preceding the page of Works Cited—also using manually typed superscript numbers. Notes for our publication are single spaced, with the first line indented by 0.3", in Times New Roman 10-point font. See previous issues for reference.

Authors wishing to have their articles published in the JGPA should consult guidelines provided by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ). Under the category, “Author Support,” on the CELJ's website, see the CELJ's “Guidelines for Contributors” at

Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ) Guidelines for Contributors

Submission Deadline:  October 15

To date, six volumes of JGPA have been published. JGPA is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography and EBSCOhost Research Databases.
Members of GPA receive a copy of the journal. Annual subscription rates are $60 for institutions and libraries and $20 for non-member individuals.