JED Campus

JED Campus

East Georgia State College has partnered with the Jed Foundation (JED) in a multi-year strategic collaboration that not only enhances the student mental health work already being done on campus but also creates positive, lasting change.  This strategic collaboration with The Jed Foundation  is made possible through the University System of Georgia’s Mental Health Initiative which focuses on mental health awareness, resources and response to students.

The aim of JED Campus is to ensure that schools have comprehensive systems in place in order to prioritize student mental health and create positive systemic change in the campus community.

JED Campus is a signature program of The Jed Foundation (JED) designed to guide schools through a collaborative process of comprehensive systems, program and policy development with customized support to build upon existing student mental health, substance use and suicide prevention efforts.

As a designated JED Campus, EGSC students will have access to a wealth of resources promoting emotional well-being, preventing suicide and combating serious substance abuse issues.  In July 2021, EGSC will embark on a four year strategic planning exercise facilitated by JED representatives designed to assess efforts currently underway at the college, identify existing strengths and areas for improvement. Preliminary work to date includes the formation of a steering committee, the administration of the student Healthy Minds Survey and the completion of the EGSC campus assessment – all designed to guide EGSC’s strategic planning efforts concerning campus mental health awareness and response. The EGSC team engaged in the strategic planning exercise will be a multidisciplinary group conprised of the EGSC Mental Health Initiative Committee, student focus groups, and representatives from Athletics and Strategic Planning units. 

JED’s comprehensive approach to strategic planning includes:

  • Developing Life Skills
  • Identifying Students at Risk
  • Promoting Social Connectedness
  • Increasing Help Seeking Behavior
  • Promote Mental Health and Substance Abuse services
  • Following Crisis Management Procedures
  • Restrict Access to Potentially Lethal Means


Project Timeline

November 2020 – Launch of USG Mental Health Initiative
December 2020 – Kick Off EGSC and JED Campus Partnership
December 2020 – Student Healthy Minds Survey Administered
January 2021 – EGSC Team begins work on the JED Campus Self-Assessment
February 2021 – EGSC Team completes the JED Campus Self-Assessment
March 2021 – Healthy Minds Survey Feedback Report received
April 2020 – EGSC Team Surveyed on Feedback Report
July 14 - 16, 2021 – JED Campus Visit and Strategic Planning Exercise
2021 - 2023 – Strategic Plan Implementation and Tracking
2024 – Administer Healthy Minds Survey, Second Campus Assessment/Chart Progress

The EGSC Mental Health Initiative Committee

Mary Smith, Chief of Staff and Legal Counsel (Co-chair)
Lori Burns, Director of Counseling and Disability Services (Co-chair)
Dr. Sandra Sharman, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Angela Stork, Director of Housing
Sherrie Helms, Director of Student Conduct
Karen Murphree, Director of Learning Commons
Chief Deryl Seckinger, Chief of Police
Mike Rountree, Vice President for Information Technology
Norma Kennedy, Associate Vice President for Executive Affairs/Interim Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Cynthia Reese, Coordinator of Student Conduct
Stacey Grant, Director of Student Life
Candace Lynn, Associate Professor of Mathematics


EGSC Counseling Office Contacts:

  • Stephanie M. Royals

    Stephanie Royals

    President's Office/Academic Affairs/Student Affairs/Counseling and Disability Services



    Location: Statesboro