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Nursing FAQ
What are the admission requirements for EGSC’s RN-BSN Bridge Program?

You must first be a registered nurse with a current RN license to apply to the RN-BSN Bridge Program.  Please keep in mind that nursing program admission can be a competitive process with those applicants with the highest GPA being accepted into the program.  Making certain that your academic performance in core courses are at a grade of “C” or better will increase your opportunity to be competitive.  A GPA of 2.5 or higher is required for acceptance into EGSC’s RN-BSN Bridge Program.  If your GPA is below 2.5, we encourage you to take additional core courses that you may not have taken in order to increase your GPA.

How do you apply to enter EGSC’s RN-BSN Bridge Program?

The RN-BSN Bridge program will have an application period for Fall and Spring semesters.  There are two steps to the application process:

  1. The applicant must complete an EGSC Admission Application during the application period and provide the required documentation. View the EGSC admission requirements.

Apply online for admission to EGSC.

  1. In addition, the applicant must complete an online Nursing Application indicating the semester you desire to enroll into the nursing program.

NOTE: Applicants must apply and be accepted by EGSC prior to applying to the RN-BSN Bridge Program.

How often do you start the RN-BSN Bridge Program?

Application periods for the RN-BSN Bridge program are:

  • Fall Semester
  • Spring Semester
How long does it take to complete EGSC’s RN-BSN Bridge Program?

Four Academic Semesters.

Do I have to come to campus for this program? Do I have to attend clinical in the RN-BSN Bridge Program?

EGSC’s RN-BSN Program is an online nursing program, therefore presence on campus is minimal. Students will complete online mandatory orientations for the college and the RN-BSN Bridge Program during the first week of the first semester. Commencement ceremonies are held on campus every fall and spring semester. There may be an occasional special event on campus that students may choose to attend. Clinical laboratory space and computer labs are available, and students may choose to utilize those spaces under the supervision of the faculty.

Students work with a nurse champion to complete practice learning experiences (PLE) in Community Nursing, Leadership and capstone courses (those not completed as part of an ASN curriculum). The PLE will be different among students depending on specific goals and in collaboration between clinical faculty, student and nurse champion.

Do I need to complete all core classes before I enroll in EGSC’s RN-BSN Bridge Program?

It is recommended that you complete the core courses prior to admission into EGSC’s RN-BSN Bridge Program to assist you in managing your workload and family obligations.  However, if you have not completed all the core course requirements, you may petition to the nursing program director for permission to enter the program.  Your nursing faculty desire for you to have a pleasurable learning experience at EGSC, so please allow us to share our academic advisement to support you in the program.

When will I be notified if I am accepted into EGSC’s RN-BSN Bridge Program?

All applicants will be notified via the U.S. Postal Service of their acceptance status into the EGSC RN-BSN Bridge Program.  Letters of notification will be mailed prior to registration for the semester.  Please do not call the nursing department or the EGSC Office of Admissions repeatedly to seek your nursing program admission status.  Please make certain that you have provided a working phone number and email address on both of your admission applications so that we can reach you should the need arise.

I took classes at another institution. Will those classes transfer to EGSC for the RN-BSN Bridge Program?

Yes, EGSC will accept transfer credits from other regionally accredited colleges and universities. A grade of “C” or better is required for all courses. A minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed at EGSC to complete the RN-BSN Bridge Program. Please refer to EGSC’s Course Catalog for additional information.

How long are my core classes valid at EGSC?

Your core courses do not have an expiration date in the EGSC RN-BSN Bridge Program.

How does the cost of attending the EGSC RN-BSN Bridge Program compare to other RN-BSN Bridge Programs?

EGSC’s RN-BSN Bridge Program is one of the most affordable RN-BSN bridge programs in the U.S. The estimated cost of completing the EGSC RN-BSN Bridge Program is around $5000.

Am I required to maintain Health and Professional Malpractice Insurance while enrolled in this nursing program?

Yes, once you have been accepted into the nursing program. The USG policy requires that students enrolled in nursing programs must have official documentation to support current Health Insurance coverage or complete a waiver if you already have your own personal Health Insurance Policy, or pay the cost of Health Insurance each semester through the EGSC Business Office.  Each student will also be required to maintain Professional Nursing Liability/Malpractice Insurance throughout enrollment in the nursing program. The Professional Nursing Liability/Malpractice Insurance is purchased independently and a copy of the official policy must be submitted to the nursing department. More information on Student Health Insurance at EGSC.

For questions regarding content or for further information, please contact the Nursing Department or call 478-289-2188.

Information subject to change.