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Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center - The Planetarium

Sudie A. Fulford Community Learning Center - The Planetarium

Our Full-Dome Planetarium Offers Unique Learning and Entertainment

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See you under the stars!



The Alien Who Stole Christmas
Family Audiences Length:  35 minutes  

Santa is in a flying saucer instead of a sleigh! Will Christmas ever be the same?  This show is in two parts: Part 1 is a winter star walk, highlighting the constellations, planets and other celestial sights visible on a long, dark winter's night.  The second part is a planetarium fantasy to the tune of "Twas the Night Before Christmas", with a few changes.  Santa finds himself aboard a flying saucer with his alien friend, Mr. Freep.  The two visit all of the planets of the solar system to see what children on those planets might like for Christmas. While fictional, the ‘children' provide a fun way to remember what the environment is like on each planet.

Bad Astronomy: Myths and Misconceptions
Grades 6 and up Length:  40 minutes  

Were the Apollo visits to the moon actually a hoax?  Have aliens landed on Earth?  Can you tell your future by the stars?  Prepare to debunk and tackle pseudoscience head-on with the new planetarium show Bad Astronomy: Myths and Misconceptions.
Based on the popular book and website of the same name, Bad Astronomy offers a unique and fun approach to learning about the cosmos.  Join the “Bad Astronomer” Phil Plait as he takes a critical look at popular myths and misconceptions to show audiences how science can be used to evaluate questionable claims.
Created by the staff of the Dassault Systemes Planetarium and narrated by WJR-AM’s radio personality Rachel Nevada, Bad Astronomy will interest both new and experienced astronomers of all ages as it examines bad science wherever it can be found.

Earth, Moon, and Sun
Grades: K-5 Length:  26 minutes  

Explore the relationship between the Earth, Moon, and Sun with the help of Coyote, an amusing character adapted from Native American oral traditions. Native American stories woven throughout the show illustrate how we have long sought to understand our planet and the skies above us.
Coyote has a razor-sharp wit, but he’s a little confused about what he sees in the sky. His confusion about the Universe makes viewers think about how the Earth, Moon, and Sun work together as a system. Discover why the Sun rises and sets, and learn about the basics of fusion and solar energy. Explore the Moon’s orbit, craters, phases, eclipses, and past and future space travel to our Moon and beyond.
Engaging and immersive, Earth, Moon & Sun also examines how humans learn through space exploration.

Let It Snow!
Family Audiences Length: 30 minutes  

Celebrate the season with this holiday music experience! “Let it Snow” features a variety of festive classics from Frank Sinatra and Chuck Berry to Burl Ives and Brenda Lee, and includes a stunning multi-media finale by the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  The soundtrack is visually enhanced with thematic animation, special effects and all-dome scenery. The 30-minute program is a fun and entertaining experience for audiences of all ages, especially families.

The Little Star That Could
Grades:  Pre-K – 5/Family Audiences Length:  36 minutes Teachers Guide Available

The Little Star That Could is the story of Little Star, an average yellow star searching for planets of his own to warm and protect. Along the way he meets other types of stars, learns what makes each star special, and discovers that stars combine to form clusters and galaxies. Eventually, Little Star finds his planets, and each planet is introduced with basic information about our Solar System.
Particularly suitable for children 5 to 11 years of age, yet educational for the whole family.

Magic Tree House: Space Mission
Family Audiences Length:  30 minutes  

Travel with the brother-sister duo, Jack and Annie in their Magic Tree House® as they proceed to answer the questions left for them in a mysterious note signed “–M.”
The show begins with narration by Mary Pope Osborne, author of the best-selling Magic Tree House® children’s book series. Viewers will find themselves perched high in the trees as Jack and Annie discover the note that asks them to answer a series of six questions about space.
Adventure off with Jack and Annie as they wish themselves to an observatory where they meet up with an astronomer who helps them to answer the first few questions on the note. With the help of the astronomer, the Internet, an astronaut, books and the writer of the mysterious note, Jack and Annie are taken on a wondrous journey of adventure and learning. This exciting voyage will carry visitors to the planets and far out into the Universe where Jack and Annie nearly get… Well, we don’t want to give it away. The adventure is just beginning!

One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure
Family Audiences Length:  20 minutes Teachers Guide Available

Explore the night sky with your favorite friends from Sesame Street in One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure.  Follow along with Big Bird, Elmo and their friend from China, Hu Hu Zhu, as they take you on a journey of discovery to learn about the Big Dipper, the North Star, the Sun and the Moon.
One World, One Sky is a brilliant spectacle of light and color as the furry friends watch the stars twinkle over Sesame Street.  Children attending the show can interact as they watch, drawing constellations and counting the time it takes the sun to set.  The show aims to nurture a child's natural sense of wonder about the night sky.

Family Audiences Length: 28 minutes  

Experience TimeSpace, a show that turns the Fulford Planetarium into a time machine! TimeSpace transports audiences across the Universe over 14 billion years to see and experience the Big Bang, the Doom of the Dinosaurs, the sudden appearance of Halley's Comet in the Yucatán Sky, Apollo 11's moon landing and man's first steps on the moon, and a leap into the future to 3001.  Each TimeSpace travel story is presented as a destination to be experienced as if you are there.

To Space & Back
Family Audiences Length: 26 minutes Teachers Guide Available

Prepare to be amazed!  The newest, most visually detailed planetarium show ever is now showing.  Space exploration, our greatest adventure, is having a big impact on our lives.  To Space & Back explores the way each of us has been changed by the discoveries made by the international space program.  From fire fighters equipment, to medical technology, to cell phones, to sports, the technology that got us into space is being used by us every day here on Earth.
What's happening above is coming back down to Earth!

Two Small Pieces of Glass
Grades:  6 and up Length:  30 minutes Teachers Guide Available

While attending a local star party, two teenage students learn how the telescope has helped us understand our place in space and how telescopes continue to expand our understanding of the Universe. Their conversation with a local female astronomer enlightens them on the history of the telescope and the discoveries these wonderful tools have made. The students see how telescopes work and how the largest observatories in the world use these instruments to explore the mysteries of the universe. While looking through the astronomer's telescope, the students, along with the planetarium audience, explore the Galilean Moons, Saturn's rings, and spiral structure of galaxies. During their conversation with the astronomer, they also learn about the discoveries of Galileo, Huygens, Newton, Hubble and many others. The soundtrack was recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Wilbear's Adventure
Grades: Pre K-3 Length: 22 minutes Teacher Guide Available

Follow a teddy bear’s discovery of flight in this delightful adventure especially for ages 4-7.  Wilbear’s grandpa uses demonstrations exploring the nature of flight to build up to the story of the Wright Brother’s historic first airplane experience. Grandpa bear captivates audiences with tales of inventions over time from kites and gliders to today’s jet planes. Young Wilbear’s dream comes true when he gets to fly in a real airplane just like his hero Wilbur Wright. This delightful story also explains the constellations and mythological tales.