Information Technology

Information Technology FAQ

Below are some of the FAQs we receive in the Information Technology department. If you feel that your questions haven't been represented here, please contact us.

What is the EGSC “Student Technology Fee” and what does the fee cover?

A $50 technology fee will be included in EGSC students' matriculation fees each semester. This fee is used to support the information technology services (i.e., Internet / Email access, wireless Internet, printing) provided to EGSC students.  The technology fee also provides each student a printing balance of 300 pages per semester for use in the EGSC computer labs and EGSC library.  Additional printing pages are charged at the rate of 10 cents per page and can be purchased online or on a "pay-as-you-print" basis in the EGSC library or in the student lab at EGSC - Statesboro student computer lab. You must be currently enrolled and currently attending classes at EGSC in order to utilize your 300-page print allowance.  Unused pages are NOT refunded. 

Note: EGSC Students attending EGSC Statesboro will also be charged the current Georgia Southern University technology fee in order to utilize computer lab resources located on the Georgia Southern University campus.

What types of computer hardware and software are available in the student computer labs?

At the main campus, computers are available for students to use in various locations including computer labs, the library, the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) and the Cyber Café. At EGSC Statesboro, three computer labs housing 30 computers each are available.  Students are encouraged to utilize USB Flash Drives for storing their documents and files. These drives can be purchased at the EGSC bookstore or at your local retailer. Each lab has Internet access as well as laser printers. The Microsoft Office Application Suite and other academic software applications are available on the computers in the labs. In addition, students attending EGSC Statesboro can utilize the computer labs located at the Georgia Southern University Campus.

What is the “myEGSC” account / web portal, and how do I access it?

Your myEGSC account is used to access your BANNER Web, GAView D2L, CatMail Email accounts, and other services, which are part of the myEGSC web portal. Your myEGSC account will provide you access to all these applications & services.  Please go to myEGSC for instructions on how to obtain and login to your myEGSC account.

Where do I go to obtain my EGSC Student ID card?

At the Swainsboro campus, Student ID cards can be obtained in the Business Office, which is located in the Jean A. Morgan Student Services Building.  At EGSC Statesboro, Student ID cards can be obtained at the help desk located just inside the building’s main entrance.

How do I authorize my Financial Aid so that I can purchase books and non-institutional expenses?

For instructions on how to authorize your financial aid, please click on the “Online Help” link on the myEGSC login page, then click the link “How to Authorize My Financial Aid?”

What times are the student computer labs available to students and where are the labs located?

The college’s computer labs are open at various times.  Please check the class schedules posted at each lab.   At the Swainsboro campus, student computer labs are located in the main academic building, the Luck F. Gambrell Building and in the P.E. Building. The Cyber Cafe is located in the Jean Morgan Student Services Building.  At EGSC Statesboro, the student computer lab is located in room H134.  You must have an active EGSC student ID to use the EGSC Student Computer labs.  You can obtain your EGSC Student ID at the main campus in the Business Office, which is located in the Jean A. Morgan Student Services Building or at the front desk at EGSC Statesboro. 

NOTE: classes that are scheduled in computer classrooms take priority.

Where are the Information Technology Dept. and Help Desk located?

The department’s main office and help desk are located at the Swainsboro campus in the George L. Smith II Building, which is located between the Luck F. Gambrell Building and the Jean A. Morgan Student Services Building.  The department also has an office (Room H130) at EGSC Statesboro.

Are EGSC students provided an Email address?

All students are provided an EGSC CatMail Email address.  Students will access their EGSC CatMail Email address through their myEGSC user account.  For more information regarding your MyEGSC account, please visit myEGSC.

A student's CatMail Email address remains active for the duration of their enrollment at EGSC.  After one year of non-attendance, the student’s email account and all email messages are deleted.  For additional information about your EGSC student email account, please refer to the EGSC Campus Email policy. Because the college utilizes the EGSC student email address as a primary means for sending communication to students, the college does not utilize a student's third-party email address (i.e., Yahoo account, Gmail account , etc.) for sending email messages to a student.

What are BANNER Web, GA View D2L, and CatMail?

BANNER Web is the EGSC student information system that students use to do things such as viewing their course schedules, grades, financial aid status and related financial information, as well as register online. GA View D2L is the EGSC online course management system that students use to access online course materials, resources, etc., posted by faculty in their respective courses.  For EGSC courses that are totally online, students will need a home computer that has access to the Internet.  CatMail is the EGSC student email system.

Can I get computer-related supplies on campus?

Various computer supplies (i.e., flash / USB drives, software applications) are available for purchase in the EGSC bookstores, which are located in the Jean A. Morgan Student Services Building at the Swainsboro campus and in EGSC Statesboro building.

Can I be notified of campus emergencies (such as campus closings due to bad weather)?

In the event of a campus emergency that may occur at either the main campus or at EGSC – Statesboro, the college utilizes the ConnectED Emergency Notification System to alert students, faculty & staff via email and telephone.  You can also receive alerts via text message on your cellular phone.  For more information about the ConnectED system, please click here.

Are there any computer lab restrictions?

Only drinks / beverages in containers with lids, caps, or covers may be consumed in computer labs.  Food items & tobacco products and other similar-type products are not allowed in the computer labs under any circumstances because they have the potential for damaging the equipment located in the computer labs and can create unsanitary conditions. While using an EGSC student computer lab, users may use cellular telephones and other similar communication devices for texting only.  Because it can be disturbing to others, cell phone conversations should occur outside of student computer labs.  The computer labs are for EGSC students, faculty, and staff use only.  Please do not bring small children in the computer labs as doing so may disturb others.  A college ID is needed to use the student computer labs.  See the Rules for Computer Labs for details.

Is wireless Internet access available at EGSC?

Wireless Internet access is available for students to use at the EGSC Swainsboro campus and at EGSC.  Students should ensure that their laptop / mobile device has a wireless network device that is 802.11 b/g/n network compatible.  In order to connect to the campus wireless network, students’ laptops / mobile devices must have an antivirus program installed, and units with Windows operating systems must be current with Microsoft patches & updates.  If your laptop does not have an antivirus program installed, you will need to purchase or download an antivirus program.  Examples include Norton, AVG and McAfee. If students have problems accessing the wireless network, they should obtain assistance from the college’s Information Technology department.  See the instructions to connect to our wireless Internet access.

May I download video and music files via the EGSC data network?

Users of the EGSC data network are not allowed to download video and/or music files to any workstation (college-owned or other) connected to the college's network.  Please refer to the "East Georgia College Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy."  

Does EGSC have policies and procedures relating to the college’s information technology services and the utilization of these services?

The college's policies and procedures on information technology can be viewed on the Offices / President’s Office / Policies and Procedures of the College web page here.