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Rules for Computer Labs

Rules for Student Computer Labs

These rules are to provide governance and information to users of the East Georgia State College (EGSC) student computer labs, computer classrooms and other campus IT resources.  These rules also apply to computer workstations located in classrooms and other areas of the college where computer workstations are located. 

1.  Scheduled classes and other official college functions have priority over other uses of computer labs and computer lab classrooms.  No classes may be scheduled in student computer lab B111 at Swainsboro campus or in student computer lab H134 at EGSC - Statesboro.

2. A student must present and have scanned his/her active EGSC Student ID when entering / utilizing the student computer labs listed below.  Note: Students are not allowed to use another EGSC student’s ID card. 
  Room B111 in Jean A. Morgan (JAM) Student Services Building – Swainsboro campus
  Room H134 at EGSC - Statesboro

2.1   In order to utilize the student computers located in the cyber café area of the JAM Student Services Building, students must enter their EGSC student ID number (i.e., the number that begins with 9300.)

3. Use of IT equipment located in the EGSC computer labs / computer classrooms is limited to use by EGSC faculty, staff and students and/or to participants of an EGSC-sponsored program / event / activity.  Children are not allowed in EGSC student computer labs or computer classrooms.

4. The student computer labs and computer classrooms are study facilities, so noise should be kept to a low level so as not to disturb others who may be studying.  In particular, these are not appropriate places for boisterous behavior or any sort of horseplay.

5. Users of EGSC workstations / computers are not allowed to install software applications on any college workstations / computers. 

6. Users of the EGSC network are not allowed to download, copy, or store video files, music files (or related type files) to computers located in the computer labs / computer classrooms or in other EGSC facilities.

7. Only drinks / beverages in containers that have lids, caps, or covers may be consumed in computer labs and computer classrooms.  Food items & tobacco products and other similar-type products are not allowed in the computer labs / computer classrooms under any circumstances because they have the potential for       damaging the equipment in the computer labs / computer classrooms and can create unsanitary conditions.

8. While using an EGSC student computer lab or computer classroom, users may use cellular telephones and other similar communication devices for texting only.  Because it can be disturbing to others, cell phone conversations should occur outside of student computer labs and computer classrooms.

9.  Do not remove paper from the printer paper trays in the ESGC student computer labs / computer classrooms.

10. Users should not log into or out of the student computers located in the EGSC student computer labs / computer classrooms.  If someone has logged out before you, please restart the computer before using the computer.

11. Users of the EGSC student computer labs (B111 & H134) who need assistance should contact the Student Assistant in the lab or contact a member of the college’s IT Department, which is located in the G. L. Smith Building at the Swainsboro campus and in Room H130 at EGSC - Statesboro.