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Ethics Awareness: SPIRIT of USG

ETHICS AWARENESS WEEK: Celebrating our Ethical Culture

November 11 - 17, 2019


Promoting an Ethical Culture at East Georgia State College through "SPIRIT"

One of EGSC’s core values is to support and sustain an ethical environment. Our shared ethical values differentiate us as a financially stable institution and contribute significantly to a culture of respect where everyone is valued.

How do we send a true picture of who we are -- dedicated employees who educate and transform the lives of students attending East Georgia State College? The answer is within the power of one. Every employee makes a personal pledge to always be a great steward of the resources and responsibilities we have been entrusted to use. Our stewardship responsibility is the basis of how we support students – preparing them for life in all its challenges and uncertainties. That is who we are!

Our Ethics Policy provides the underlying core values that each member of the USG community must adhere to and be guided by – integrity, excellence, accountability and respect. The task of keeping our institution's reputation intact is both an individual and collective responsibility. It is up to all of us - students, faculty and staff - to do the right thing. It’s about our reputation. It’s about our pride. It’s about who we are and what we do.

We are good stewards. We are educators.  We are East Georgia State College, and we proudly represent the SPIRIT of the University System of Georgia through our Stewardship. Prevention. Integrity. Responsibility. Inspiration. Trust. SPIRIT is about the power of one and what can be accomplished through each of us. Thank you for doing your part to support an ethical culture at East Georgia State College.


EGSC will be joining the entire University System of Georgia (USG) in a week-long observance for Ethics Awareness Week. 


(1)  D2L Compliance Training Modules - All faculty, staff and student workers are required to complete the modules no later than 12/5/19.  For additional information, refer to the memo from Tracy Woods, Director of Human Resources.                   

(2)  “Ethics Trivia Questions” will be distributed daily via e-mail. The first student and faculty/staff to reply with a correct response each day will win a prize!

(3)  Mystery Escape Room competition - Statesboro and Augusta. Click to view our Mystery Escape Room promotional video!

Be the quickest team to solve the clues using ethical decision-making and escape the room. Prizes will be awarded to members of the winning student team and faculty/staff team ! For more information, contact Stacey Grant, Director of Student Life at

(4)  Heads Up - Teams sign up for a fun-filled ethics themed competition. Free popcorn! For more information contact Stacey Grant, Director of Student Life at  

(5)  Fraud and Theft - informational articles will be distributed by Human Resources daily via e-mail through USG' s KeyPro.

(6)  Resource materials will be available on tables in the common areas on all three campuses.

(7)  Publicity will be shared via a press release, emails, social media and on EGSC’s “Ethics Awareness: SPIRIT of USG” webpage.

EGSC Ethics Awareness Week Committee

Mary Smith, Chair; Beth Jones, Mack Seckinger; Stacey Grant; Sherrie Helms; Nick Kelch; Norma Kennedy; Angela Storck; Jessica Williamson; Katelyn Moore, Harley Strickland, Chuck Wimberly; and Tracy Woods.


Photos from our 2018 Ethics Awareness Week Events coming soon!

Check out the photos on Flickr from our 2017 Ethics Awareness Week Events!


Spirit of USG:  Celebrating our ethical culture