President’s Cabinet

The President’s Cabinet is responsible to establish policies and procedures governing the management, operations, and strategic planning of the College. The Cabinet is advisory to the President and is the official policy making body in these areas at the College. Policies and procedures adopted by the Cabinet shall be maintained in the College’s Manual of Policies and Procedures as described in the East Georgia State College Statutes. The Cabinet meets at least monthly and is chaired by the President. The Cabinet consists of the senior administrators of the College in each of the following areas: Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business Affairs, Information Technology, East Georgia State College -- Statesboro, External Affairs, Facilities, and Chief of Staff/Legal Counsel. The President has the power and discretion to appoint additional cabinet members and modify the composition of the Cabinet as necessary to the effective operation of the College.

  • Donald Avery

    Donald Avery

    Student Affairs

    Vice President

    Phone: 478-289-2015


    Campus: Swainsboro

  • Dr. Robert J. Brown Jr.

    Dr. Bob Brown Jr.

    Math and Science

    Dept Chair/Head AC

    Phone: 478-289-2068


    Campus: Swainsboro

    Personal Website

  • Dr Howard L. Cheek Jr

    Dr Howard Cheek Jr

    Social Science

    Division Chair

    Phone: 478-289-2048


    Campus: Swainsboro

  • James C. Gay Jr

    James Gay Jr

    Business Affairs

    VP Business & Finance

    Phone: 478-289-2025


    Campus: Swainsboro

  • Elizabeth Gilmer

    Elizabeth Gilmer

    External Affairs

    Director Devel - Alumni - Ext

    Phone: 478-289-2037


    Campus: Swainsboro

  • Dr. Timothy D. Goodman

    Dr. Timothy Goodman

    Academic Affairs

    Vice President

    Phone: 478-289-2034


    Campus: Swainsboro

  • Michelle M. Goff

    Michelle M. Goff


    Director of Facilities

    Phone: 478-289-2096


    Campus: Swainsboro

  • Caroline C. Joyner

    Caroline C. Joyner

    EGSC Statesboro

    Director of Statesboro Center

    Phone: 912-623-2405


    Campus: Statesboro

  • Dr. Carmine D. Palumbo

    Dr. Carmine Palumbo


    Division Chair - Humanities Ten

    Phone: 478-289-2046


    Campus: Swainsboro

  • Michael P. Rountree

    Mike Rountree

    Information Technology

    Vice President Info Tech Scvs

    Phone: 478-289-2093


    Campus: Swainsboro

  • Mary C. Smith

    Mary C. Smith

    Chief of Staff / Legal Counsel

    Chief of Staff & Legal Affairs

    Phone: 478-289-2165


    Campus: Swainsboro