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Welcome Message to Students (Spring 2020)

Welcome to East Georgia State College and congratulations on choosing to pursue a college degree. Whether you have selected our Swainsboro campus, our Statesboro campus, our Augusta campus or a wholly on-line degree program or dual enrollment, you have made a wise and responsible choice. I applaud your choice!

Importance of a college degree in our dynamic world
Your world is changing at warp speed. In this dynamic world, the critical thinking skills you attain in college are your key to thriving. These will enable you to adapt to new opportunities. Someday, you may pursue a career in an area not yet invented!

Importance of earning your associate degree
On your road to a bachelor’s degree, don’t lose sight of the value of earning your associate degree along the way. Students who earn that associate degree are more likely to be successful in their upper-division studies.  Employers place value on job applicants who have demonstrated the tenacity to earn both a bachelor’s and an associate degree.

Make the most of your college experience
College is an amazing opportunity. You have the chance to reinvent yourself. Join a student organization which focuses on something you are passionate about. Attend college events. Explore the opportunity to study abroad. Serve your community. Students who learn to balance their academic and co-curricular pursuits typically perform better academically while learning the interpersonal skills craved by employers.

Use the Academic Center for Excellence
The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is not only to be used when you are struggling. The ACE is a great source when that happens, but talented people continually seek out other talented people as they strive for excellence. Meet regularly with our talented ACE tutors.

Use our fitness center and outdoor resources
Our Swainsboro Campus sits on well over 200 acres of beautiful pine forest (Land given to the college by Luck Gambrell). Learn to play disc golf. Run or walk on the 5k and 10K cross country course. Observe gopher tortoises in their natural habitat. Keep yourself fit and healthy by visiting the PE complex regularly.

Consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree at East Georgia
In the last several years, the college has introduced its first three bachelor’s degree programs: Biology; Fire and Emergency Services Administration; Bachelor of Science in Nursing (a bridge program to the BSN for RNs). Explore the possibility of earning a bachelor’s degree at the most affordable college in the State of Georgia (and one of the most affordable in the nation).

Join Faculty and Staff in enhancing our culture of respect
All members of our academic community- students, faculty and staff- are on a mission to pursue a lifetime of education. All members, regardless of title or position deserve respect. Please join us in building that culture.

Consider living on campus
Bobcat Villas residents have great opportunities to develop lifelong friendships while living, eating and learning on campus.

Academic Building was recently expanded
EGSC’s beautiful Swainsboro campus grew again last year when our Academic Building was expanded with the addition of new science labs, a large classroom and a set of new standard-size classrooms.

Student Center is bow being expanded
Our student center (the Jean Anderson Morgan Student Center i.e., the JAM) will be dramatically expanded this year. There will be lots of construction activity this fall, but the new student activity space will be worth the inconvenience.

Be part of the Bobcat Nation
We have an outstanding Athletic Director. Come out and be part of the Bobcat Nation.

Be part of the community where you live
We are all part of the communities where we attend school. Whether you study at Augusta, Statesboro, or Swainsboro, be part of the community. Remember that the support of those communities is what makes your affordable college education possible.

Visit the Morgan House of East Georgia State College
Our Student Center (the JAM) is named in honor of Jean Anderson Morgan, a long time Swainsboro resident. The Morgan family gifted their residence in Swainsboro to the College’s Foundation just a couple of years ago. Check out “First Friday’s” at the Morgan House at 5:30pm on the first Friday of each month.  Inquire about holding a meeting of your student organization at the Morgan House.

Build your personal financial skills
Student loan debt is a major issue in national debates. Be part of the solution to the problem of burgeoning student debt in the U.S. (now more than $1.2 trillion). Borrow only what you need (not the maximum possible). Find out exactly when repayments begin. Make sure the degree you are pursing will enable you to repay the loan. Take advantage of resources offered by the college to become financially literate.  Trust me; you will be glad you did when you reach my age!

We are proud that you have chosen to attend EGSC. We look forward to celebrating your graduation from EGSC. We will take pride in your accomplishments as you put that degree to use.