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We are making every effort to serve you better by restructuring the Admissions, Financial Aid and the Registrar's Office. Your question(s) are being directed to a student affairs counselor that will assist you through the process of these three areas. For more information on the transition please read the Student Affairs moving PDF.

East Georgia State College Mission

East Georgia State College is an associate degree granting, liberal arts institution of the University System of Georgia providing its students access to both academically transferable programs of study and collaborative programs in occupation related fields. The College also offers targeted baccalaureate level degrees that support the University System's initiative to expand educational opportunities. The College prepares traditional and nontraditional students for success in the global 21st century through a technologically advanced teaching and learning environment that fosters personal growth by utilizing an expanding range of resources and amenities, including an on-campus student residential option. The College also continuously engages the communities it serves through public service and cultural enrichment.

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Germain Williams


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