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 Hello and welcome to East Georgia State College! 

We are glad you have chosen EGSC. Our desire is to assist you in the facilitation of your collegiate experience and completing your degree.  Your college education is one of the most beneficial gifts you will give yourself during your lifetime.  It will, however, not be an easy task to complete.  It will require on your part; time, effort, imagination, participation, hard work, and involvement to name a few.  When you walk across that stage at graduation you will feel a sense of accomplishment beyond anything you can imagine.  Attainment of a college degree is something you will never regret.  It will open doors and opportunities for you throughout your life that would not otherwise have been possible.

We are here to assist you in that process.  We in Student Affairs aim to make your experience as successful, fulfilling, and enriching as possible to expand upon the gifts you bring to college.  From admissions to graduation, Student Affairs provides opportunities outside of the classroom to entertain, facilitate, and expand on your life experiences and to grow you personally into the individual you chose to become.  Make sure you avail yourself of as many of these opportunities as possible during your stay with us.  Ask questions.  Get involved.  Experiment with new things.  Make new friends.  College is an experience that can and should be enjoyed.  Make yours one you will never forget!

Let us know how we may assist you in this process.  We look forward to seeing you cross that stage at graduation!

Best wishes,

Dr. Donald D. Avery
Vice President for Student Affairs




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