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Counseling and Disability Services

About our Office

Attending college is an important life transition and will present many opportunities and many challenges, both inside and outside the classroom.  The Counseling and Disability Services Office is here to help you take advantage of those opportunities and meet those challenges to reach your full potential in college and beyond.  We provide personal, academic and career counseling services as well as helping students with eligible disabilities secure accommodations that may be needed during their college career. 

Hours of Operation

Our offices in Swainsboro and Statesboro are open Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. We are closed on all official College holidays. We do remain open during the fall break at Thanksgiving, Spring break and between semesters when classes are not in session.


If you are in an immediate, life threatening crisis call 911 or the EGSC Police Department.  DO NOT attempt to contact us via email or voicemail during a crisis situation.   

Campus Police - Swainsboro:  478-289-2090 (24/7)

Campus Police - Statesboro:  912-623-2462 (8am-10pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm Friday)


All of the services provided by the Counseling and Disability Services Office are confidential.  Our staff adheres to professional, legal and ethical guidelines that protect your personal information.  This means any information about your contact with our office will not become part of your academic record and cannot be released to any office or individual without your consent.  It is important to note that there are some exceptions to confidentiality.  As counselors, we are mandated to report some information which may include intent to harm yourself or others, or any suspicion of abuse occurring to a vulnerable population such as children, the elderly, the disabled etc.  Our primary goal is to maintain your personal safety as well as the safety of others, and in the event that we believe confidentiality must be breached, we will make every attempt to discuss this with you prior to doing so.

Common Questions and Where to Get Answers

Sometimes we get questions that are best answered by other offices.  Please refer to the appropriate office as they will be able to assist you more fully regarding the following questions:

If you have a question about… Please Contact:
Academic records, transcripts, academic standing etc. Student Affairs: (478) 289-2169
Financial aid, scholarships, SAP appeals etc. Student Affairs: (478) 289-2169
Academic advisement, schedule changes, registration, tutoring ACE: 478-289-2161 (Swainsboro)
         912-623-2460 (Statesboro)
Admissions requirements/status, readmission questions Student Affairs: (478) 289-2169
Payment questions, VR payment/sponsorship questions Business Office:  478-289-2000


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  • Lori Burns

    Lori Burns

    President's Office/Academic Affairs/Student Affairs/Counseling and Disability Services

    Director of Counseling and Disability Services


    Campus: Swainsboro