Counseling and Disability Services

Disability Services

East Georgia State College provides reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities to ensure that they enjoy an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs available at the college.

How to Request & Receive Disability Services at EGSC

  1. Fill out the Voluntary Declaration of Disability and schedule an appointment with a Counselor in One of Our Offices – If you are a new student, this form is included in your admissions packet.  You can also obtain a copy from our office or by clicking on the link above.  Once completed, please return it to the Counseling & Disability Services office.  Setting up a meeting with a counselor will allow you to discuss your concerns and begin exploring eligibility for receiving accommodations.
  2. Submit Documentation – Once we receive your Voluntary Declaration of Disability or meet with you, our office will provide you with information regarding documentation requirements for your stated disability.  You will need to submit documentation to our office that meets these standards.  Documentation needs can vary widely, so please consult with our staff regarding your specific circumstance.  Examples of documentation that may be required depending on disability are: an IEP/504 plan, psychological evaluation, medical documentation, letters from physicians etc.
  3. Review and Notification – When your documentation is received, it will be reviewed for compliance with Board of Regents requirements.  For students requesting accommodations for Learning Disabilities, ADHD/ADD and/or Psychological diagnoses, we will ask for permission to release these records for review by the Regents Center for Learning Disorders (RCLD).  The RCLD will determine whether your documentation meets criteria for permanent accommodations within the University System of Georgia.  We will notify you via mail or email of the results of this review indicating whether you do or do not meet criteria to receive permanent accommodations based on your current documentation.
  • Documentation DOES meet initial criteria – If we determine upon our initial review that your documentation meets minimal criteria, this means you will be eligible for temporary accommodations for at least one semester.   Please contact our office to set up an appointment to develop accommodation contracts and to discuss permanent accommodations if approval has not already been granted through the RCLD.  Your accommodations will not begin until this step is completed!
  • Documentation DOES meet Board of Regents criteria as approved by the RCLD: If the RCLD has reviewed your documentation and determined it meets Board of Regents criteria, then you will be eligible for permanent accommodations throughout your academic career in the University System of Georgia.  Please contact our office to set up an appointment to develop accommodation contracts.  Your accommodations will not begin until this step is completed!
  • Documentation DOES NOT meet criteria – There are many reasons why documentation may not be approved.  Please contact our office for more information and to discuss how to obtain documentation that meets criteria.  You will not be eligible for accommodations based on the documentation submitted at this time.

We understand that this process is often a bit confusing as it varies from what most students/parents have become accustomed to in the high school environment.  Please note that EGSC believes in giving every student an opportunity to receive temporary accommodations if the student provides minimal documentation of a disabling condition.

Minimal documentation may include documents such as psychological reports, IEPs, and 504 plans.

Temporary Accommodations are designed to assist the student for no more than 2 semesters in order to allow the student time to obtain the required documentation.

Students are eligible for Permanent Accommodations only when they submit documentation to the DSP that meets BOR Criteria and approval has been granted from the RCLD

Additionally, students granted temporary accommodations who complete the required updated testing and are not given a diagnosis that meets BOR criteria will no longer be entitled to accommodations.  If the student is already receiving accommodations at the time of this decision, the accommodations will continue until the end of that semester.  If the student is determined ineligible for Permanent Accommodations, they will not be entitled to any accommodations beginning their next semester of enrollment.

Important Information

The college is not responsible for making accommodations for students who have not disclosed their disability and have not provided appropriate documentation.  Accommodations cannot be provided if they fundamentally alter the nature of the course or would cause undue hardship to the college.

For more information or clarification, please contact one of our staff members or visit our FAQ page!

Disability Services Manual

ADA Exam Proctoring Request (Statesboro)

Follow the link for an online copy of our ADA Exam Proctoring Request (Statesboro), available to students and faculty scheduling an exam with accommodations to be proctored by Statesboro Counseling & Disability Services. Please drop the request form and exam in the Dropbox in the Counseling Suite or email to We will make every effort to proctor your exam at the requested time, but please note it can be difficult due to a high volume of appointments. Please request your appointment 2-3 business days before your exam.