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Financial Aid Policies

East Georgia State College places primary emphasis on financial need, academic achievement, and future academic promise.  Even though, the family is primarily responsible for assisting students in meeting their educational costs, financial aid is here to fill the gap between the student’s resources and educational expenses. In order to better accommodate our students, it is very important that all contact information is kept updated.  If there are any extreme changes in a student's financial situation, please advise your Financial Aid Advisor. 

Please be aware, any student receiving financial aid who withdraws before completing the semester, may be required to repay a portion of their award monies.  Students who have defaulted on a loan or owe a refund of any financial aid award at ANY institution, are NOT eligible to receive additional financial aid until the debt is resolved.

*Students who expect to receive financial aid for the Summer semester must submit a Summer Application.




Award Packaging Disclosure

FAFSA Verification Explanation

Fraud Policy

Overpayment Disclosure

Procedural Process of Documents

Tax Transcript Requirement Disclosure

Transient Student Policy

Unusual Enrollment History (UEH) Policy