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Housing Application Step-by-Step Instructions

East Georgia State College has recently incorporated a new housing management software that will make applying for and assigning housing for students easier than ever. Students will now be able to take care of their housing application 100% online--eliminating the potential for lost paperwork and untimely paperwork processing. See the step by step instructions (instructional video coming soon) below.

Step 1: Once you receive your admissions acceptance to East Georgia State College, you can log into MyEGSC Portal. Select the Housing Application link in the Launch Pad Section of MyEGSC.

Step 2: Begin the application by indicating your campus of enrollment. ONLY SWAINSBORO CAMPUS STUDENTS will use this housing application process. If you are currently listed as a Statesboro or Augusta student, you will be redirected with information on how to find housing in and around those areas.

Step 3: Once you verify you personal details, you will be directed to pay the housing application fee. You will not be permitted to go any further in the housing application until this $100 non-refundable fee has been paid. Students may now pay online via major credit or debit card.

*Students wishing to pay by check or cash will still need to go to the business office. Please note this may slow down the processing of your application.

Step 4: Once you have paid, proceed through the remainder of the application, which includes digitally signing the housing agreement page.

Step 5: Once you get to the application status page, you will need to click the link to complete the online CBI form. Your application cannot be completed, nor a room be officially assigned, until you have successfully completed a criminal background check. Once your background check has been verified as approved, you will receive an automated email indicating that your application is complete.

If you are ready to begin your application, visit MyEGSC and Log In.

Housing application How-To Video (Coming soon)


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The newsletters below are sent to all residential students on a weekly basis to inform them of important events, business related activities, and to provide reminders of housing related deadlines. We feel that parents and family play a critical role in their student's success, and as such, will be archiving these emails here so that parents and students will remain up to date and informed. Contact Housing and Residence Life if you have any questions about this newsletter.

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