Housing: Off-Campus

While we would love to be able to accommodate everyone who requests housing, we understand that the on campus living experience does not fit everyone's needs. For those folks, like families or parents with dependent children, we have a resource that may make finding an off campus accommodation easier.

While we cannot specifically recommend certain off campus properties to our students, we have assembled an off campus guide that provides helpful tips and resources in the Swainsboro, Statesboro, and Augusta areas. Click this link to the off campus living guide for more information, and take a look at our tips for first time apartment renters to help you navigate the process.

Click here for a listing of apartments near our Statesboro location. Again, we cannot make specific recommendations on particular housing sites or availability, nor can we vouch for their suitability of these accommodations. This is just a jumping off point for those seeking off campus accommodations in or around Statesboro.

Want help with locating utility providers in and around your area? Visit for information on internet, cable and cell phone providers in your area.




Need Help Paying for Housing?

Need Help Paying for Housing?

A limited number of need based scholarships have been made available to students choosing to live on campus. Contact Financial Aid today for details.

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