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Registrar’s Office


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Message from the Registrar

Welcome to East Georgia State College (EGSC)! Thank you for choosing our institution and affording us the opportunity to take part in your journey to obtaining your academic goals! The Registrar’s Office will be a significant factor in your time here at EGSC. We serve as a link between Student and Academic Affairs, policies of the institution and our students.  Our office is responsible for managing student academic records and ensuring the information reflected in your academic history is accurate and securely protected.  We encourage you to please take a moment to look around the Registrar's webpage. We have provided you with the tools you will need to be successful during your time here at EGSC. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the College catalog, as this information was strategically crafted for you; to meet your academic needs! The Registrar’s Office serves the Swainsboro, Statesboro and August campuses of EGSC and is also responsible for the following:

  • Semester calendar
  • Catalog Updates
  • Degree Conferral 
  • Enrollment Verifications
  • Grade Processing
  • Monitoring course requirements
  • Residency Classification and Out of State Tuition Waivers
  • Registration set up
  • Transfer credit evaluation and Articulation
  • Transcript Request

Our Mission

The Office of the Registrar is committed to fulfilling our role in the educational mission of East Georgia State College and its commitment to providing students, both traditional and non-traditional, the tools necessary to be successful in the global 21st century. We achieve this mission through our dedication to providing effective and efficient academic support and assistance to the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the institution. 

In an effort to execute our mission, the Office of the Registrar promises to do the following:

  • Provide quality service to external and internal customers of the institution through accuracy and reliability.
  • Ensure students receive respectful and equitable assistance in helping them to solve their academic questions and problems.
  • Establish trust with our colleagues and the students we serve by exuding consistency and competence.
  • Preserve the integrity and privacy of our students’ academic records and executing the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
  • Improve our services by promoting the use of innovative technology within our department.
  • Value a richly diverse campus community and respect for all individuals regardless of age, class, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and mental or physical capabilities.

 Graduation - We hope to see you there!

Rather you are enrolled in an Associates or one of our Bachelor Degree programs our vision is to be with you throughout the completion of your degree at East Georgia State College!  Graduation is one of the most exciting role we play in your academic journey at East Georgia State College and we take pride in seeing our students walk across the stage at the end of their journey with us. As the hub for graduation-related activities, we take pride in making your graduation experience rewarding for both our students and their families. You can everything you need to know  here on our Graduation page.


Academic Dates

Fall 2021 - Parts of Term

Fall 2021 -At a Glance Calendar

Spring 2022 - Parts of Term

Spring 2022- At a Glance Calendar 

Summer 2022 - Parts of Term

Summer 2022 At a Glance Calendar

Fall 2022- Parts of Term

Fall 2022 - At a Glance Calendar


Spring 2023-  At a Glance Calendar


**NOTICE: These documents provide an overview of the Academic Calendar and dates are subject to change;  This is not a full representation of all academic-related events. You are expected to review the full Academic Calendar located on the EGSC website for more information


eCore Academic Calendar

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Additional Services

Request a transcript

East Georgia State College is now partnered with TranscriptsPlus to make transcript ordering easy and fast! Follow the simple instructions to request your transcript! 

Request an Enrollment Verification

Request can take up to 2 business days to be processed at East Georgia State College.  If choosing Mail, please allow adequate time.


Transfer Articulation Table


  • Lynette M. Saulsberry

    Lynette M. Saulsberry

    President's Office/Academic Affairs/Student Affairs/Registrar

    Student Affairs - Registrar


    Location: Swainsboro

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  • Nicole L. Sherrod

    Nicole L. Sherrod

    President's Office/Academic Affairs/Student Affairs

    SA - Assistant Registrar


    Location: Swainsboro

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  • Susan V. Howell

    Susan V. Howell

    President's Office/Academic Affairs/Student Affairs

    Student Affairs Counselor I


    Location: Swainsboro

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  • Sara S. Young

    Sara S. Young

    President's Office/Academic Affairs/Student Affairs,President's Office/Academic Affairs/Learning Commons/Military Resource Center

    Enrollment Management Records Processor III

    Military Resource Center - VA Certifying School Official for EGSC


    Location: Swainsboro

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