Registrar's Office

Registrar’s Office - Registration Information

Registration via Banner Web – The first step a student needs to take is to search their Banner Web Account Student Records menu and click the View Holds link.  Login to Banner Web through the myEGSC Portal. This should be done regularly by the student to confirm the college has not added a hold that could block their ability to register for classes.  There are a variety of hold-types ranging from a missing document, a fee or fine the student owes, an overdue book and hold types that indicate students are not eligible to register because they have exhausted their number of learning support attempts and they are on dismissal for one-year. Students must resolve holds involving financial obligations, property and documents they are required to submit.

• In most cases, students who have satisfied all learning support requirements, High School College Preparatory Curriculum requirements, Student Success requirement and have no other holds on their account are able to self-register for classes during registration periods through their Banner Web Account.

Early registration – This registration period is open to currently enrolled and *returning EGSC students. New students to EGSC will register at an Orientation session. New students must register for a mandatory orientation program on the college’s website. For more information about Orientation contact the Office of Admissions at (478) 289-2169.

*returning students who have not attended for two or more consecutive semesters must complete a Former Student Application available on the FORMS page

Transient students To EGSC - students registering with EGSC as a transient must confirm with the EGSC Office of the Registrar that their Transient Permission Form has been received from their home institution and they must  e-mail their course information along with the CRN numbers to the EGSC Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar will register transient students.

Transient students From EGSC - students who regard EGSC as their home institution and wish to attend a different institution for a specific semester must complete our Transient Permission Form and submit it with supportive documentation to the EGSC Office of the Registrar for approval.

• ACCEL & Joint Enrolled students will register for classes with the information provided by their high school counselor to the Office of the Registrar for Fall and Spring.

Registration Tips for Currently Enrolled, Returning or Readmitting Students Only 

Advisor Appointments - Students must make an appointment with their advisor.  Sign-up sheets are posted outside their offices. Statesboro students schedule an appointment in the log book at the front desk. Students desiring an appointment with their advisor are encouraged to contact them early.

Who is my advisor – as a new student during orientation day, students will be assisted by a faculty member to help them register for classes.  The Office of the Registrar will assign each student an official advisor. A student can locate their name through their Banner Web Account under the Student Records menu. Click here to login to the myEGSC Portal, with access to Banner Web.

Early Registration Periods -Current students are encouraged to take advantage of registering for classes for the upcoming semester during the Early Registration period. (Note: students who choose to early register and decide not to attend are responsible to complete the Voluntary Cancellation form to formally drop their classes before the first day of the semester.)

Student Tuition & Fees – Fee are due once a student is registered for classes and no later than the final fee payment deadline (see the Academic Calendar on the College Website).

• Students need to schedule appointments with their academic advisor for the purpose of obtaining class advisement each semester and create a graduation plan. While we recommend students have face-to-face communication with their advisor, students may be advised by telephone or by e-mail IF the advisor agrees.

• Only faculty advisors will release an advising hold (if a student has one) that will allow the advisor to proceed with the student’s registration after they have received what type of coursework the student must complete.

• Fee deadlines apply to all students including those who are applying for financial aid.  If students apply for aid and it is not available by the time fees are due, Students are still expected to pay from their own resources. Those eligible for aid will be reimbursed once it is posted to their account.

• The Business Office will invoice student Cat Mail Account to the cost of their tuition and fees each semester.