Transcript and Immunization Record Requests

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Online Transcript Request

Transcripts can be requested via myEGSC:

  • Log into myEGSC
  • Click the Banner Web Icon
  • Select the Student menu
  • Select the Student Records menu
  • Select Request Academic Transcript
  • Enter the required information and submit the electronic request
  • Requesting official academic transcripts through Banner Web will expedite the delivery

Previous EGSC students who need to obtain a transcript and who do not know their account information - follow these steps:

  • Click here to retrieve your BANNER ID (Student ID / User ID) & BANNER Pin number
  • Enter the requested information on the web page that appears to obtain your BANNER ID & PIN number.
  • Click the "Proceed to BANNER Web Login" button on the web page or click the BANNER WEB link here.
  • Enter your Banner User ID (that starts with 9300) and BANNER PIN number.  (If you are prompted to change your Banner PIN number, your new PIN must be six digits)
  • Once you are logged into BANNER Web, click "Student" menu option; then click "Student Records" menu option. Then select the "Transcript" menu option you wish to use.

Transcript Request Form Delivery by Mail, Pick-Up, Email or Fax

Complete the Transcript Request Form and check one of the transcript delivery by mail, pick-up or fax options (faxes are unofficial).  The student’s transcript will be sent according to the method selected.

  • Transcript Requests may be emailed to, submitted in person, faxed, or mailed to the Office of the Registrar’s or EGSC - Statesboro.  Students must include their legal name, signature (not typed), EGSC ID #, and the full information of where to send the transcript. Also please provide a contact number in case any questions arise.
  • Student who no longer remember their EGSC ID#, may provide their date of birth
  • No transcript will be released if there is a hold on the student's record (i.e. parking tickets, returned checks, missing documents or financial aid problems). The student’s request will be placed in a pending file and the student will be notified by letter of the hold (U.S. mail).
  • It is the student's responsibility to contact the Office of the Registrar once the hold(s) are removed to reinitiate the processing of the student’s transcript request.
  • If attending EGSC - Statesboro, the forms have to be forwarded to the main campus (Swainsboro) for processing.
  • This Transcript Request Form is provided for EGSC students who wish to print, complete, and submit to the EGSC Office of the Registrar.
  • Transcripts are free of charge at this time.

Note: Transcript requests will not be processed without the student’s signature

Immunization Request

All beginning students (freshmen, transfer, and others) attending regularly scheduled classes or receiving resident credit are required to submit a Certificate of Immunization prior to attending classes. Students admitted to EGSC - Statesboro must complete both the EGSC and the GSU immunization forms. The Certificate of Immunization will be kept as part of the student’s academic record and will be valid throughout the tenure of the student. Exceptions to the policy are students who have religious objections and students whose physicians have certified that they cannot be immunized because of medical reasons. Students who have not presented evidence of immunization as set forth above will be denied admission to East Georgia State College or other facilities of the University System until such time as they present the required immunization certificate. The Certificate of Immunization must be on a form provided by the University System of Georgia and signed by a physician or an official of a County Health Department.

If in the future a student needs this document faxed to another institution, please complete the Request for Immunization Records form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar for processing.