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This page contains college policy no  longer in effect. Current policies can be found on the Policy and Procedures page.

General Information about the College

Section 1: Overview and Scope of Manual

Section 2: Institutional Organization and Governance

Section 3: Academic Affairs

Section 4: Student Affairs (Student Handbook 11/27/2012)

The following policies or policy revisions were adopted by the President's Cabinet since the 11/27/12 revision of the Student Handbook linked above. The below policies are effective as of the date each was adopted, as noted on first page of the policy.

Section 5: External Affairs

Section 6: Intellectual Property

Section 7: Business Affairs (Business Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual)

Section 8: Human Resources (Employee Handbook)

The following policies have been adopted by the President's Cabinet and are not included in the 11/26/2012 revision of the Employee Handbook linked above:

Section 9: Facilities

Section 10: Institutional Records

Section 11: Information Technology

Section 12: General Policies and Procedures

Section 13: Safety and Security (Operations Manual)

Section 14: Modifications to these Policies and Procedures

Section 15: East Georgia State College Foundation