East Georgia is a great place to begin your studies in agriculture. Here, you'll find:

Great faculty, such as Dr. Jimmy Wedincamp, who has conducted extensive faculty/student research in entomology.

Students who are primarily from farming backgrounds in the region and share their knowledge in the classroom.

Challenging opportunities to build your knowledge and skills in every way, through student/faculty research and hands-on learning projects.

A curriculum that prepares students for further study in the field through biology, chemistry, and mathematics courses that strengthen analytical thinking skills.

Where Will You Go From Here?

Many agriculture graduates transfer on to complete their bachelor’s degrees at the University of Georgia, which offers the largest agriculture program in the state. Because east central Georgia is a farming region, many students return home to run family farms and/or to manage farms for others. Still others work for agencies such as the Department of Natural Resources or the Department of Agriculture in commodities marketing or trading, or in agriculture-based firms or in specialized field biology research. One East Georgia State College graduate runs his own turf farm that supplied turf for the Super Bowl.

Program Curriculum

Core Areas A, B, C, D and E
Required: 42 Hours

Please see College Catalog for required curriculum

Area F
Required: 8 Hours
BIOL 1107 Principles of Biology I 4
BIOL 1108 Principles of Biology II 4
Guided Electives
Required: 9 Hours
CHEM 1211 Principles of Chemistry I 4
CHEM 1212 Principles of Chemistry II 4
MATH 2012 Calculus II 4
PROB 1101 Problem Solving I 1
PROB 1102 Problem Solving II 1
SCIE 1101 Science in Society 1
Carryover from Area D*: 1

*NOTE: To carryover an hour from Area D, students should take MATH 1113, Pre-Calculus, in Area A as a prerequisite to MATH 1540, Calculus I, for the math requirement in Area D. A strong high school background in mathematics and sufficient aptitude are necessary to follow this path. Otherwise, the student should be encouraged to take MATH 1001, MATH 1101 or MATH 1111, in Area A, plus MATH 1113 and then MATH 1540 in Area D which results in additional hours.

Program Total: 60 Hours

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