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Associate of Arts in Art

Associate of Arts in Art


The Art degree information on this page is provided for those students who have declared Art as their major prior to Fall 2021. No new Art majors are accepted into this program beginning in Fall 2021, as the program will be terminated effective Spring 2023. This information is provided to inform already-enrolled Art majors how to finish their degree before Spring 2023. Current majors should contact their advisor to plan their course work toward degree completion or transfer possibilities.


EGSC is a great place to begin your studies in art. Here, you'll find:

  • Great faculty, such as Desmal Purcell, a working artist with an extensive exhibition resume.
  • A wide selection of classes in the arts, including art history, painting, drawing, 3-D design (sculpture), 2-D design, and digital photography.
  • Spacious facilities including a large, open studio classroom, an outdoor patio used for creating “en plein air,” current Adobe products for use in digital photography and design, professional grade photo printers, Apple computer lab, a student gallery space and a beautiful campus that inspires creativity.
  • Challenging opportunities to build your artistic skills in every way, from traveling to major galleries to participating in student art exhibitions and creating moving earth art on the College’s Nature Trail to designing your own boomerang for the annual boomerang competition. Our art majors are also frequent participants in our study abroad programs.

Where Will You Go From Here?

Perhaps you’ll follow in the footsteps of Timothy Earls, one of the leading set designers in Hollywood whose film biography includes Iron Man 3. Earls has also done extensive set design work on the television show, Glee; or John Dunn who is the top computer-aided designer at a local architectural firm, or the many studio artists, teachers, designers, gallery workers, and other creative professionals who got their start at East Georgia State College.

EGSC art students have transferred to complete their degrees at:

  • Atlanta College of Art
  • Georgia Southern University
  • Savannah College of Art and Design
  • University of Georgia
  • Valdosta State University

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects jobs in the creative arts to grow by 3% by 2028.

Program Curriculum

Core Areas A, B, C, D, E and Additional Institutional Requirements
Required: 46 Hours

Please see College Catalog for required curriculum

Area F
18 Hours
ART 1010 Drawing I 3
ART 1011 Drawing II 3
ART 1020 Two Dimensional Design/Color Theory 3
ART 1030 Three Dimensional Design 3

Choose One:

ART 2030 Art History I 3
ART 2031 Art History II 3
Guided Electives
Choose One:
ART 2050 Painting 3
ART 2060 Pottery 3
ART 1080 Smart Phone Photography 3
ART 1088 Digital Photography I 3
ART 2088 Digital Photography II 3
ART 2030 Art History I 3
ART 2031 Art History II 3
Total Semester Hours: 64

More Information » Curriculum Sheet and Two-Year Academic Plan - Associate of Arts in Art

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