Associate of Science

Associate of Science in Mathematics

The Mathematics degree information on this page is provided for those students who have declared Mathematics as their major prior to Fall 2021. No new Mathematics majors are accepted into this program beginning in Fall 2021, as the program will be terminated effective Spring 2023. This information is provided to inform already-enrolled Mathematics majors how to finish their degree before Spring 2023. Current majors should contact their advisor to plan their course work toward degree completion or transfer possibilities.

Why East Georgia?

East Georgia College is dedicated to serving students who are just like you – people who want and deserve a great start toward a future with promise. Whether you are a new high school graduate, a transfer student, or a returning learner ready for a new career, you will find a safe, convenient campus, ample parking, and classes that are accessible in the day or evening. East Georgia College is an affordable way to begin your studies, with reasonable tuition and fee prices and generous financial aid available. Best of all, classes are small, so you will get to know the faculty – whose professional credentials and commitment to students are equally impressive – and they will know you.

Where Will You Go From Here?

Most students who study mathematics transfer to complete their four-year degrees and then earn their master’s or professional degrees, preparing them for work anywhere in the world. Perhaps your paths will lead you into the military, business, accounting, banking, or research. Math teachers are in high demand. One student completed a doctorate degree and is working in aerospace engineering; another East Georgia State College mathematics major graduate is attending law school. The possibilities for your life are as limitless as your imagination.

EGSC mathematics students have transferred to complete their degrees at:

  • Georgia Southwestern State University
  • Georgia College and State University
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Georgia Southern University
  • University of Georgia


Associate of Science in Mathematics

The focus of the East Georgia State College mathematics program is to prepare students for continued study in their respective undergraduate programs.  One distinct advantage that we provide to students is a small class environment where they can receive support from faculty that are committed to helping them grow as learners.


Mathematics Chair

Program Curriculum

Core Areas A, B, C, D, E and Additional Institutional Requirements
Required: 46 Hours

Please see College Catalog for required curriculum

Area F
20 Hours
MATH 2012 Calculus II 4
MATH 2013 Calculus III 4
MATH 2220 Elementary Linear Algebra 3
Choose Two:
BIOL 1107 Principles of Biology I 4
BIOL 1108 Principles of Biology II 4
CHEM 1211 Principles of Chemistry I 4
CHEM 1212 Principles of Chemistry II 4
CSCI 1301 Programming Principles I 4
CSCI 1302 Programming Principles II 4
PHYS 2211 Physics I: Classical Mechanics 4
PHYS 2212 Physics II: Electricity, Magnetism, Optics 4
Carryover from Area D
1 hour

NOTE: To carryover an hour from Area D, students should take MATH 1113, Pre-Calculus, in Area A as a pre-requisite to MATH 1540, Calculus I for the math requirement in Area D. A strong high school background in mathematics and sufficient aptitude are necessary to follow this path. Otherwise, the students should be encouraged to take MATH 1111 before attempting MATH 1113 which results in additional hours.

Total Semester Hours: 66

More Information » Curriculum Sheet and Two-Year Academic Plan - Associate of Science Degree / Mathematics

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