Parking & Transportation at EGSC Statesboro

Most East Georgia State College - Statesboro students will take classes at both EGSC-S and on the Georgia Southern University campus. Many students drive, but for those who don’t we do have an East Georgia State College bus that runs between the GSU campus and EGSC-S.

Students can select from any of the following parking/transportation options:

Purchase an EGSC-S parking hang tag

  • Cost:  $80.00
  • Hang-tag can be transferred from vehicle-to-vehicle, in the event a student drives more than one vehicle, or several students will be carpooling.

Purchase an EGSC-S bus pass

  • Cost:  $80.00
  • An economical alternative to driving, the cost of the bus pass averages out to $5.33 per week. The East Georgia State College bus runs between Paulson Stadium and EGSC-S.

Purchase both a parking hang tag and a bus pass

Purchase neither

  • Many students carpool with other students or have friends/relatives drop them off and pick them up.
  • Parking is free at Paulson Stadium, so students who drive to the GSU campus can park there and catch the East Georgia State College bus to EGSC-S, or they can catch a Georgia Southern bus to get around the GSU campus.

For more information about getting around the GSU campus, visit the GSU Parking & Transportation website.