EGSC Statesboro - Housing Options

Our Statesboro Students typically choose to live in student-centered apartment complexes if they are not commuting from a permanent address.

The apartment complexes in Statesboro know that many students rely on their financial aid refunds to pay their rent, and the majority of them will work with you to modify payment deadlines to meet financial aid disbursement schedules. In other words, most apartment complexes will allow you to pay rent once you receive your financial aid refund, if you are eligible for a refund.

Transportation doesn't have to be an issue either. While the EGSC Bobcat Shuttle will stop running at the end of Fall 2021 semester, some apartment complexes have their own shuttle buses that drop off at the stadium or other places around campus – you just have to ask them if they have a shuttle bus and where their drop-offs are. If transportation is an issue, you may want to consider housing at the Swainsboro campus and changing your campus of enrollment to Swainsboro.

For a list of a few apartment complexes located in Statesboro that includes address, phone number, and website information, please view the Housing Option List

If you have any questions, please email