Student Services at Statesboro

EGSC Statesboro students have the best of both worlds

Access to everything East Georgia State College has to offer

  • “Education with a Personal Touch”
  • Smaller Enrollment
  • Smaller Class Size
  • Quality instruction from professors who are passionate about teaching
  • FREE tutoring
  • EGSC athletics and student life
  • Access to a University environment and campus lifestyle: Georgia Southern’s student services and university resources.

With a few limitations, EGSC-S students will have the same rights and responsibilities as Georgia Southern University students. In addition to their EGSC student ID cards, EGSC-S students will receive GSU student ID cards that will allow them to:

  • Use the GSU library and computer labs
  • See the doctors and nurses at Health Services
  • Use the RAC
  • Use the GSU bus system
  • Participate in student organizations and clubs
  • Play intramural sports
  • Attend GSU sporting events
  • Purchase meal plans / Eagle Express accounts
  • Attend cultural events, lectures, and concerts on the GSU campus

EGSC-S students will not be allowed to:

  • Live in Georgia Southern University Housing
  • Participate in Intercollegiate Athletics as a GSU Eagle
  • Join a GSU fraternity or sorority
  • For more information about available services, see EGSC-S Student Services Links