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Cat Card Special Offers and BobCat Bucks

EGSC Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni - you can now use your EGSC ID / CatCard for purchasing items / services with BobCat Bucks on campus at Statesboro and Swainsboro as well as receive special offers at various local businesses.  

Locations that you can use BobCat Bucks include:

To add money to your BobCat Bucks, click the link listed below or login to your myEGSC account and click the Bobcat Bucks icon.

Other features:

  1. The Account Merchant Center located in JAMS Center.  This is a reverse ATM that allows you to use Cash to add money to your BobCat Bucks.
  2. Vending machines located at EGSC Statesboro (coming soon), Swainsboro and BobCat Villas Student Housing will accept BobCat Bucks.

Students - The BobCat Bucks online system has a feature that will allow someone other than yourself to make a guest deposit to your Bobcat Bucks account.  To do so, click the link listed below, then click the link to Add Money Online, then click link to Make a Guest Deposit.  The person making the guest deposit will need to know your EGSC Student ID / Card number (the number that begins with 930.)

Click here to view the BobCat Bucks information web page