Let's Get Associated.

Game Room Rules

  1. You must be a current EGSC student to access the Game room and equipment and/or use equipment. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Equipment checked out in your name is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, whether you are using the equipment or not.
  3. Every person in the Rec Room must be able to present his or her EGSC Student ID when asked to do so. Anyone without a current EGSC Student ID will be asked to leave.
  4. You must provide your EGSC Student ID if you are taking over equipment when the person who checked out the equipment leaves. Come to the Help Desk for all exchanges.
  5. No children allowed in the Rec Room.
  6. The Air Hockey table is for playing Air Hockey only. Do not sit on, stand on, lean on, put your stuff on, or do anything else other than play air hockey on the air hockey table.
  7. Use of ANY drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products is strictly prohibited.
  8. Gambling and/or betting of any kind is NOT ALLOWED, and anyone caught doing so will face immediate and possibly permanent suspension from the Rec Room.
  9. All Students who leave their ID’s will be suspended two (2) days from all Rec room activities, and IDs will be turned in to the Business Office.
  10. Physical or verbal fighting will not be tolerated.
  11. Be respectful and courteous of others and keep the volume down. This is a college Recreation Room, NOT a pool hall.
  12. Remember, if you are in the Rec Room, you are on camera. Always.