Recreation and Game Room

Bobcat Den Rules

  1. You must be a current EGSC Student with current ID to access the Bobcat Den Game Room, Club Room, Studio, Movie Theater and equipment and/or use equipment. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Equipment checked out in your name is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, whether you are using the equipment or not.
  3. Damaging of any equipment in the Student Center Extension will result in fines of the cost to replace the equipment. These fees will be place on your account in the business office.
  4. Every person in the Student Center Ext will be required to properly sanitize before entry. This includes washing hands and wearing a mask as required by EGSC and USG Policy.
  5. You must present your EGSC Student ID if you are taking over equipment when the person who checked out the equipment leaves. Come to the Help Desk for all exchanges.
  6. The Student Center is not open to the community or general public.
  7. Use of ANY drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products is strictly prohibited.
  8. Gambling and/or betting of any kind is NOT ALLOWED, and anyone caught doing so will face immediate and possibly permanent suspension from the Rec Room.
  9. All Gaming Tables and Consoles have a 45min usage limit. After 45 Minutes you will need to turn in all equipment that has been checked out to you.
  10. The GYM located in the Student Center Ext is Closed for Fall Semester. No Entry!!!