Adopted by Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee 6/29/18 
Adopted by Faculty Senate 7/6/18 
Adopted by President’s Cabinet 7/24/18 

Faculty members must send an early alert notification through Grades First for any student who has missed two or more consecutive classes and/or two or more non-consecutive classes. The notification will go to the student, the student’s advisor, and to the retention team. 

The chair of the retention team will delegate the alert to one or more members of the team, who will be required to act on the notification within a two-day period. This requires making contact with the student and addressing any issues that may be preventing the student from achieving success. 

Procedural Concerns 

Retention Team 

The Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs will form a retention team that will be charged to respond to early alerts related to attendance, mid-term grades, and other retention issues on a timely basis. 

The team will be composed of: 

        • The Director of Student Conduct (chair) 
        • The Director of the Office of Counseling and Disability Services 
        • One additional member of the Counseling Staff (EGSC-Statesboro) 
        • The Director of the Learning Commons (EGSC-Statesboro) 
        • The Assistant Director of the Learning Commons 
        • The Director of Housing 
        • Representative from Financial Aid 
        • Director of Academic Support Services, EGSC-Augusta 
        • Director of EGSC-Augusta (AVP for External Campuses) 
        • Sue Bragg, faculty member from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences 


Success rates in Area A Gateway courses and in other areas of the core curriculum remain very low. Math courses have as low as a twenty percent success rate, and much of this is related to non-attendance. 

EGSC drops approximately 75 students for non-payment each term at EGSC Swainsboro and EGSC Augusta, and over 140 students at EGSC Statesboro. This affects our retention and completion rates. 

Overall completion rates remain at 12 percent. EGSC has had enrollment challenges, particularly at EGSC Statesboro, and must work to retain those students who enroll. 

Grades First Training 

Faculty will receive training in Grades First at the beginning of the fall semester in order to be able to respond to the policy statement. Training will be conducted by the Associate Dean for eLearning.