Adopted by Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee 10/16/20 
Adopted by Faculty Senate 11/4/20 
Adopted by President 11/6/20 

Laboratories that are scheduled as parts of courses in the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Integrated Science, Physics) are subject to the following supervisory requirements. All laboratories taught by face-to-face instruction on campus must be supervised by the instructor of record for the course or by a qualified substitute when the instructor is unable to attend. A qualified substitute may be another science faculty member or another qualified appointee. This provision applies equally to laboratories integrated as parts of a course or those lab courses receiving separate credit from a co-required course (e.g., Biol 1103/1103L). 


The above supervisory requirements are not required in the following circumstances: 

    1. Laboratory research projects conducted as fulfilling the requirements for research and internship courses (Biol 4500 and Biol 4800). Students in these courses are advanced and will have received training specifically for the projects they will be researching. They may be cleared for unsupervised work in labs on a case-by-case basis. 
    2. Laboratory projects conducted by students as part of the training in lower division courses. These projects should be well-circumscribed as to activities permitted by students on their own, and in no case should involve hazardous conditions or substances. Examples of such projects are independent study exercises given in several biology classes as part of the overall pedagogy. 
    3. Courses that are instructed online, either wholly or in part, and in which laboratory exercises are conducted by students away from campus (e.g., at home) are excluded from these supervisory conditions.