Adopted by Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee 11/10/15
Adopted by faculty Senate 12/11/15
Adopted by President 4/1/16

The vice president for academic affairs requests written recommendations from all deans on the merit salary increases they recommend for each of their faculty. The vice president for academic affairs then makes recommendations to the president. Each proposed increase should be justified in terms of the following criteria: teaching performance, research and other scholarly work, professional activities and advanced studies, service on institutional projects and committees, assistance with student activities, and participation in College programs and civic activities. In addition, the vice president for academic affairs may make recommendations to rectify inequities in salaries.

The president may choose to modify some of the recommended merit increases for certain reasons, such as to rectify major inequities or to adjudicate differences in proposals between the vice president for academic affairs and a dean. Once funds for merit salary increases are allocated by the Board of Regents, the amount of the merit increase can then be determined.