Adopted by the President’s Cabinet 11/24/15

East Georgia State College hosts two formal graduation exercises per year – at the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters. Graduates have the option to participate in commencement the term that they are completing all degree requirements with the exception of summer graduations who have traditionally been invited to march in the following fall ceremony which is the term after they have already graduated.

Summer graduate candidates have the opportunity to participate in the preceding Spring Commencement Ceremony provided they meet the criteria outlined below.

Any summer graduate candidate interested in participating in the Spring Commencement Ceremony must complete a Petition for Spring Commencement Participation form (PDF) signed by their faculty advisor and submit to the Dean of the respective School. Petitions will be approved by the student’s Advisor and Dean only if all of the following conditions have been met:

    • The student must be a graduation candidate for Summer semester.
    • The student has six (6) credit hours or less remaining towards completion of their degree and will meet all other stated graduation requirements outlined in the college catalog.
    • The student is pre-registered for their spring classes and has a written plan designated on their petition form listing their remaining summer class(es) prior to approval. Those remaining courses must be offered during the summer term.
    • The student has maintained a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 through the most recent semester of attendance at EGSC.
    • The student must have applied for summer graduation by the spring graduation application deadline.

Approved students (in concordance with their advisors) will apply for graduation when it is clear that all remaining coursework is in-progress and the remaining summer coursework will fulfill all graduation requirements for their degree/certificate program.

The Summer candidate must submit their graduation application and fee payment to the Registrar's and Business Office respectively. The Dean’s Office will forward the students’ approved petition form to the Registrar’s Office which will be matched up with the graduation application.

The Registrar will review the students’ approved petition from the Dean, and based on the above criteria and a written notification will be sent to the student from the Records Office acknowledging they will be a candidate pending the student’s early Summer registration.

Although Summer students may be allowed to participate in an early Commencement Ceremony, the degree and diploma/certificate will be awarded only after all requirements have been fulfilled.