Adopted by Academic Policies and Curriculum Committee 1/3/17
Adopted by Faculty Senate 1/20/17
Adopted by President’s Cabinet 1/24/17
Adopted by the President 1/25/17

East Georgia State College will allow academic credit for appropriate courses within the institution’s core curriculum for corresponding International Baccalaureate (IB) subject area coursework. Course credit will be awarded for courses taken in an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in which a student obtained designated end-of-course assessment scores. High assessment scores on IB courses are a strong indicator of academic performance that is beyond that expected of a typical high-school student. Standard Level (college preparatory) scores of five or more and Higher Level (college comparable) scores of four or more will be considered for credit suggesting that the IB Program work is comparable to a college-level course. The total college course credit awarded for IB assessment may not exceed 24.

The course credit schema below will be used by East Georgia State College with allowances made for variable credits in each category to account for labs and/or for depth of material covered in the IB Program subject area that may be comparable to more than one college-level course.

  Semester Credit Hours Allowed
Score Standard Level Higher Level
4 0 3-4
5 0-4 3-8
6-7 3-8 3-12


College credit will vary dependent upon courses offered at East Georgia State College and eligibility requirements will be determined by the respective Schools (Social Science, Humanities, Math/Science).

If a student determines acceptance of credits may disadvantage him/her, the student may opt not to accept offered credits. Additionally, a student may appeal to the Dean of the appropriate school if he/she believes the assessment resulted in an error of the credits awarded. As with other academic matters, if the issue is not resolved satisfactorily at the School level, the student may elect to appeal to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, whose decision will be final.