Adopted by President’s Cabinet 11/24/15

Student Affairs at East Georgia State College’s mission is to disseminate current and relevant information each year through the College’s Catalog and Student Handbook. These publications benefit the college community at-large including students, faculty, staff as well as the general public providing them with the most up-to-date policy changes and resources available.

All East Georgia State College students, regardless of their location in attending classes, are required to be conscious of and abide by the policies and procedures outlined in both the College Catalog and Student Handbook. Information contained in these publications applies to all students with regards to rights, privileges, and constraints against certain actions.

Our objective includes making these publications available on the EGSC website for use before the first fall term orientation event of the upcoming academic year (usually early June).

To achieve this objective, the Records Office Registrar/Student Life Director will begin the process by early each January for that academic year. The Registrar/Student Life Director will disseminate the following sections of the catalog/student handbook to the respective directors, deans, and vice-presidents who will review and update the content that pertains to their area of expertise. A specific deadline will be set by which all sections will be returned to the Registrar/Director of Student Life with noted corrections.

General Information Vice President for Institutional Advancement
University System Institutions List Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Tuition and Fees Director of Accounting Services
Financial Aid Director of Financial Aid
Admissions Director of Admissions
Student Life Director of Student Life
Personnel Director of Human Resources
Academic Policy and Procedure Registrar
Degrees and Programs of Study Registrar and Deans
Course Descriptions Registrar
Index Registrar
Campus Map Web Services Specialist/Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement
East Georgia State College - Statesboro Director of East Georgia State College - Statesboro
East Georgia State College - Augusta Director of East Georgia State College - Augusta
Student Conduct Code Director of Student Conduct


Proposed Timeline Model for 2016
    • Catalog sections/Student Handbook sections disseminated - January 4
    • Catalog sections/Student Handbook sections due back to the Registrar/Student Life Director -  February 5 (end of 5 weeks)
    • Section changes will be compiled by Registrar/Student Life Director - March 4 (4 weeks)
    • The Registrar/Student Life Director will send the catalog and handbook out again to the contributors for final approval - March 9 
    • Comments and corrections due back to Registrar/Student Life Director - March 18
    • Registrar confirms Catalog Table of Content & Index is correct - March 25
    • Registrar/Student Life Director submits final version to the Vice President of Student Affairs - March 31 
    • Vice President of Student Affairs distributes catalog and handbook draft to members of the President’s Cabinet for review - April 1 
    • President’s Cabinet meeting - April 26 (Tuesday)
    • Corrections from President’s Cabinet to Registrar/Student Life Director - April 28
    • Corrections completed by Registrar/Student Life Director - May 20
    • 2nd President’s Cabinet Meeting - May 24 (Tuesday)
    • Catalog/Student Handbook presented to IT Department to review for active links - June 1 
    • IT Department posts final version of catalog/Student Handbook to college webpage - June 3
    • First fall 2016 Orientation Date - June 11