Adopted by President’s Cabinet 11-30-16

The Student Identification (Cat) Card is the official identification card of East Georgia State College. The ID card is used for campus identification, card access for services including, but not limited to; dining, housing, and vending. ID cards are not transferrable and are only valid while the card holder is a registered student, active EGSC employee, Fitness Center patron, or until the card expires or is revoked by EGSC. The following are a violation of the Student Code of Conduct:

    • Lending, selling, or transferring rights of an ID card to another person/student;
    • Illegally obtaining and/or using another person/student’s ID card; or
    • Altering and/or intentionally damaging your own personal ID card or that of another person/student.

A student must present student ID cards to properly identified college faculty and staff upon their request.