Adopted by President’s Cabinet 10/28/20

Campus mail and packages are received into the College’s mail room located at the rear of the Student Center. Deliveries received from carriers (UPS, USPS, Fed EX, etc.) are logged and the person to whom the package is addressed is notified. It shall be the responsibility of the recipient to pick up their mail and packages and to properly acknowledge receipt thereof.

Departmental mail is sent to the US Post Office daily from the mail room. Each department is responsible for ensuring accuracy of addresses for mail to be sent out. The department to be charged for the postage shall be clearly marked on the outgoing mail. The mailroom always remains locked and is protected by security cameras that are monitored by Public Safety. Key access is given to all full-time employees.

The EGSC mail room exists for the delivery of official interoffice/interdepartmental/intercampus mail. Personal mail (with the exception of staff living on campus) should not be regularly delivered to an employee at his or her EGSC address. Personal merchandise orders should, under no circumstances, be designated for delivery to the College. Orders of this nature will be returned to the sender. Under no circumstances may the postage for personal mail be charged to an EGSC account. Use of the EGSC mail room for personal purposes is unauthorized use of EGSC property and may lead to disciplinary action including discharge.